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Everything new from Microsoft's Surface Event

By Vijay Anand - 29 Oct 2016

Everything new from Microsoft's Surface Event

Is Microsoft the new cool kid?

In a bold move, Microsoft held its Surface and Windows Creators event just a day before Apple's special event and put forth its bold vision and strategy. The star of the show is no doubt the new Surface Studio AIO system, but it doesn't take long to figure out that no matter how cool it looks, feels and functions, it's made for a very small user demographics. It is also not yet known if it will be available outside of the US, thus further restricting its potential.

Despite that, the device is just but one of the tools to enable creators to do more with an immersive creation experience. The big picture is the Windows 10 Creators update itself and what it hopes to achieve for the creators and for the consumers to experience and present their own creations to the masses. By breaking barriers in how one captures, manipulates and re-shares their creations in full 3D, Microsoft is democratizing 3D and bringing this capability to anyone and to experience creativity through a new dimension - mixed reality.

Of all the recent product launches and tech events, none have evoked the human spirit of pushing boundaries as much as Microsoft and we look forward to how their vision will reshape our industries and the future.​  Here's a glimpse of the event in 90 seconds and our highlight reports from the event:-

Top highlights from the Microsoft Surface event

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