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Enhance your Netflix experience with these simple add-ons

By Liu Hongzuo - 12 Feb 2016

See multiple ratings from film sites within Netflix

See multiple ratings from film sites within Netflix

This other extension gives you a show's rating at a glance. The ratings are given by other viewers who critique the show on film review sites.

Now that your shows are properly categorized for easier exploration, you’ll probably want to know which ones are worth your time. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a little something within the Netflix page that can tell you how a particular show fared among other users?

NEnhancer is a Chrome extension that lets you tweak your Netflix page to include ratings from show review sites IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes. It takes a little more to get the whole deal running, but you’ll never have to cross-reference shows across various review sites once this is up.

An overview of the settings you can toggle with, including an optional feature that brings up a window that displays extra information from IMDB or Rotten Tomatoes. Nifty!

Like all extensions, download and install on the Chrome extension page like before. Go to your Netflix main page, and you’ll see a NEnhancer logo inside your browser’s address bar. Click on it and click Options, and you’ll be shown the same list of settings as shown in the image above. By default, some features are already enabled, but we want the full package. So go ahead and check both "IMDB Panel" and "RT Panel". This will bring up a prompt in red, asking you to enable an experimental Chrome feature.

Follow those instructions to enable the experimental feature, and close/exit your entire browser. Now you can re-open your Chrome browser, go back to the Netflix site, and start hovering your mouse over some titles for the added insights.

This is what the add-on looks like with everything fully enabled. Mouse-over the show in Netflix, and you'll get a IMDB star rating together with a Rotten Tomato Critic rating, and RT's popcorn (user) rating. If you enabled the optional panel function, you get the pop-up when you click on any of the ratings.

The star rating you now get is actually from film database site IMDB. The tomato and the popcorn icons are from Rotten Tomatoes. If you’ve configured your NEnhancer extension with the instructions above, you’d also have the ability to launch a tiny pop-up with (mostly scathing) user reviews about every show. This shows you more information from the respective ratings site and you can also access the trailer by clicking the trailer icon next to the ratings.

With both enhancements, you now have all the necessary tools for a better Netflix experience without leaving the Netflix site itself.

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