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Enhance your Netflix experience with these simple add-ons

By Liu Hongzuo - 12 Feb 2016

Introduction, Access hidden genres and categories

Started using Netflix recently? Then this enhancement guide is for you!

There’s a fair bit of good stuff that Netflix has and doesn’t offer upfront, but that can be easily fixed when you have access to some add-ons. No, we aren’t bypassing any licensing laws to get you to a show you want. We’re showing you how to get access to hidden gems on your current catalog.

Some of these add-ons require slight tinkering on your end, so exercise discretion and healthy web-surfing habits if you want to get them to work smoothly. We are not endorsing any add-on; it’s just a recommendation of what we use for our Netflix subscriptions as well.

If you trust our taste in shows, you can check out the list of must-watch Netflix shows for Singaporean subscribers. If you're a Netflix beginner, head over here to get started instead.


Access hidden genres and categories

Interested in hidden categories? Well, we know a friend who knows a friend...

If you’re a seasoned Netflix user, you’ve most likely read or heard about how Netflix actually has secret genres or categories for their shows. As a viewer, we have our own tastes, so it’s natural for us to search for more content. Netflix Super Browse is an extension for Chrome and Firefox web browsers, and it ‘unlocks’ said hidden categories.

Installation is simple: if you’re on Chrome, simply go to the Chrome extension store and search for the add-on. Click on the “Add To Chrome” button when you find the extension. Restart your browser when done.

Before applying the extension, you have a standard Browse button.

After using the extension, you'll get a new Super Browse option. The official Browse button is still available too.

Go back to your Netflix and you’ll notice that your original Browse button is now next to a brand new Super Browse option. Tucked within is a list of genres handpicked by the extension maker, covering important subsections without cluttering the option with the entire list of hidden categories.

If the extension isn’t working for you, try reinstalling it. Some ad-blockers are also not compatible with Netflix Super Browse, so switch ad-blocker extensions if you really want this add-on.

If you do not wish to clog your Chrome or Firefox web browser with extensions, try a web alternative like netflixcodes.me instead.

If you do not want to install any extensions, you can simply use a website equivalent to do the same search. One good example would be netflixcodes.me, where you can click on the genre code on the right-hand column, which will bring you to that Netflix genre on a new tab. The website lists all genres (with some repeats), providing the full list at a glance.

Next, we'll show you how to get ratings from film critic sites to pop-up on your Netflix main browsing page. It's super handy.

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