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By Vijay Anand - 20 Mar 2010

HP Simplifies and Elevates Business Solutions for All Sectors

HP Simplifies and Elevates Business Solutions for All Sectors

Mulitseat Computing, client automation, extra long life battery, washable keyboards, new notebooks loaded with business, protection and productivity tools, mobile thin clients and more were some of the star highlights of the day at HP 2010: Elevate event held a few days ago.

Now that we're recovering from the economic doldrums of 2009, things are looking up in 2010 as many industry sectors are putting in place new business plans to make up for the lost time and opportunities during those cautious times. HP, the world's largest IT company understands this general sentiment perfectly and is leveraging on this to announce several new updates to their business product line-up and services that are designed for efficiency, scalability and available at an affordable price point.

 The HP Elevate event was held in Jakarta, Indonesia on 17th and 18th March 2010.

For this major SMB announcement, HP chose Jakarta in Indonesia to share their latest updates to the media, industry partners and customers. After China, India and the USA, Indonesia has the fourth largest population in the world at 231 million that's spread across 17000 islands spanning a distance of 5271km (which is bigger than the USA). Couple the size and population with the fact that Indonesia currently has the lowest PC penetration rate in the Asia Pacific and it becomes crystal clear that the country has tremendous untapped growth potential. It's without a doubt why HP strategically chose to showcase their updated range of business solutions in Indonesia.

Taking the entire Southeast Asia with a combined total of 600 million in population, the entire region is the third fastest growing economy in the world according to analysts. Considering that only the capitals of these countries are well developed, there's definitely plenty of room for growth. Indonesia itself is responsible for more than a third of that population, so the country's continued development is vital for the entire region's outlook in the near future and all signs point to it being a powerhouse in this region.

But improving and developing the IT infrastructure is no small matter in the bulk of these developing countries and other emerging markets as they often face issues from several other factors like the general city/country's infrastructure (power, transportation, water, etc.), government policies and restrictions, lack of education to enlighten business owners of IT advances or advantages, and finally affordability. On HP's part, to alleviate some of these issues, this week's launch of SMB services and products are targeted at simplifying IT for three different sectors:- education, retail and business owners. While developed for the emerging markets, many of these will fit perfectly fine in developed nations as you'll soon see.

From the right - Posing here to unveil some of the newest SMB class products are Ng Tian Chong, Vice President (SEA, TW and Korea) of Personal Systems Group, HP and Megawaty Khie, Managing Director of Personal Systems Group HP Indonesia.

While many of the products and services can be useful in many other verticals, we'll showcase them by the original intended usage sector where possible for maximum impact of these solutions.

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