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Cool gaming gear and components we sighted at Computex 2018

By Vijay Anand & Koh Wanzi - 15 Jun 2018

Notebook & Accessory highlights

ASUS ZenBook Pro 15

The ASUS ZenBook Pro 15 UX580 is a 15.6-inch notebook designed for creative professionals. The 5.5-inch Windows Precision Touchpad on this notebook doubles as a second FHD IPS display, and you can use it to display controls for YouTube videos and Groove Music (Spotify support is coming soon). There’s also integration with programs like PowerPoint, and ASUS says it will make the SDK public so third-party developers can add support for it.

The display is also one of the most impressive aspects of the notebook. The 15.6-inch panel supports up to a 4K resolution and 100 per cent coverage of the Adobe RGB color gamut, so it’s a good fit for photographers and video editors. Furthermore, it boasts a Delta-E value of less than 2 for more accurate colors.


Project Precog

We've been hearing a lot about dual-screen PCs from the likes of Intel and Lenovo. At Computex 2018, ASUS also had its own concept PC to show off. Project Precog retains the form factor of a traditional clamshell laptop, but the 360-degree hinge lets you switch from clamshell to tent or tablet mode. In laptop mode, the bottom screen simply doubles as a keyboard. 

You can even lay it completely flat and play games on both screens. Furthermore, it looks like Precog may be able to function as a desktop replacement of sorts as well, and ASUS showed it set up in portrait mode with a wireless keyboard in front of it.

The PC's name derives from its AI smarts, and Precog can supposedly adapt to how you use your PC. For example, it can learn your schedule, which will allow it to anticipate your meetings and conserve battery appropriately.


Ducky Shine 7

The Ducky Shine 7 has been upgraded with a zinc alloy frame for a more robust and premium feel. It also sports a reversible USB-C connector, which will make plugging in the cable far easier. This Year of the Dog limited edition model is a homage to the Chinese Zodiac, featuring dye-sublimated PBT keycaps that mimic the look of a tattoo. In comparison, the regular models use doubleshot PBT keycaps instead.

The keyboard utilizes Cherry MX RGB switches, and this year's Shine 7 adds new lighting effects, including a Pulse pattern modeled after a heart rate graph. 


Varmilo V Motion

The Varmilo V Motion features a brushed metal finish and front-printed legends, but it's standout feature is probably its motion-controlled lighting features. As its name suggests, you can move your hand around and even gesture with your fingers to change the keyboard lighting, which is a pretty neat trick. 

The keyboard detects your gestures using an optical sensor at the top left-hand corner, and it seems feasible to think that it might also let you do things like disable the Windows key in a dedicated Game Mode. 

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