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Comex 2016 preview: Let's go hunt for tech deals!

By Ng Chong Seng - 10 Sep 2016

Comex 2016 is here!

  • Updated on Sep 8: Added Dell, Epson, Sony, TP-Link, Canon, Olympus.
  • Updated on Sep 7, 6 PM: Added D-Link.
  • Updated on Sep 6, 12 PM: Added Treoo. 4 PM: Added Falcon PEV.
  • Updated on Sep 5: Added Aftershock, Creative, Maka, Avertek.
  • Updated on Sep 2: Added Audio-Technica, Secretlab.
  • Updated on Sep 1, 10:30 AM: Added Cooler Master, iWalk, J5create, Ozaki, UE. 11:30 AM: Added AC Ryan.



It's time for Comex 2016

Yes, it's now September, and that means another edition of Comex is just round the corner.

Organized by the same folks who brought you IT Show, there’s once again a lot of activities planned for at this tech show, including a Tech Showcase zone for you to try out the latest tech toys, a booth babes contest (always a crowd favorite), lucky dips, and even places where you can go to to get SSD and RAM upgrade services. Of course, you can still trade-in old gadgets at Comex to get cash vouchers to spend at the show. For gamers, Gamex is where you get to experience the latest gaming consoles, gaming laptops, and featured games. Games and competitions like Dota 2, Overwatch, and Counter Strike Global Offensive are being played at Comex this time.

To find out more about these activities, check out our earlier article.

Suffice to say, Comex is mostly about new tech products and great bargains. If you want to fulfill your home entertainment, lifestyle electronics, office equipment, and travel technology shopping needs, then this is the show to be at come next week. To recap, Comex 2016 will be held from 8 to 11 September at Level 3, 4, and 6 of Suntec Singapore. Doors will open from 11am (for Level 3) and 12 noon (for the other levels) all the way to 9pm daily. Admission is free.


Comex 2016 shopping resources

As you’d expect, news about the deals to be had at tech shows like Comex are scattered and hard to find. We’ve done our best to collate all the pertinent information and present them to you in a simple, easy to digest format. Over the days leading up to the show, we will be working hard and hitting up all our contacts to bring you the latest scoops and reveals. All the information will be consolidated and presented on the HardwareZone Tech Show Portal. So stay tuned as we ring up all our contacts to present you with all the latest steals. In addition, we’ll also be bringing you real-time updates on Twitter come September 8, when we comb through the show floors.

Without further ado, hit the next page to find out what are the deals we've sussed out for you so far. Remember to check back regularly for more updates!

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