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Comex 2007: The Full Monty!

Palm and Panasonic Booths

Palm's Booth

 If you are ready to pay $728 for the Palm Treo 680, think of the freebies that you'll be receiving: a 2GB mini SD card with a spare battery, a free Jabra headset and a Calvin Klein voucher worth $50. Get organized and be entertained, with the Palm Treo 680.

 Still undecided over whether you should get a Palm, HTC or an O2? How about throwing in a GPS kit and a vehicle power charge free of charge, and get the Palm 750 for a fair price of $998? Fret not, for Comex 2007 ends on Sun, 2nd Sep, giving you a day or two to consider on this.

 For the old school Palm users or students on a tighter budget, there is always the Palm T|X and Tungsten awaiting you.

Panasonic's Booth

 Panasonic's booth was abuzz with TVs, DVD recorders/players, HT systems, DV Camcorders and Digicams. Showcased here is their Viera Link at work and highlights the ease of which to set up a HD ecosystem. However note that the $2299 42-inch Plasma TV here isn't using a Full HD panel, but it can accept and rescale Full HD signals to suit its screen.

 Insist on getting a more vibrant looking Plasma TV? Panasonic knows what its consumers need and offers this new 50-inch Plasma panel. Uses anti-glare process technology, supports 3 HDMI ports and accepts SDHC cards. This $6999 TV comes with a 32-inch LCD TV free and $150 of NTUC vouchers!

 Many more Panasonic Plasma panels of all sizes and capabilities are on offer, so come on down to view them first-hand.

 The HDC-DX1 is a Full HD camcorder that's based on the 3CCD camera system and Leica Dicomar lens. Supports 5.1-channel sound processing with 5 microphones and has Mega OIS for steady pictures and videos. Priced at $2037, you do get freebies like a carry case, tripod, 3pcs DVD-R DL discs and a dry box.

 On the other end of the scale, you do get normal camcorders using HDD and DVD from $799 and $699 onwards as shown in here and they too come with a similar set of goodies.


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