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Comex 2007: The Full Monty!

Olympus and Packard Bell Booths

Olympus' Booth

 For some, the fear of breaking and damaging a camera due to rugged conditions is always a concern. Enter the Olympus u770SW, the 7.1 megapixel camera that is waterproof to 10m, shockproof up to 1.5m and can withstand a weight up to 100kg. With a 3 year warranty and various freebies, the $699 price tag would surely grab your attention when you head on down to Comex 2007 over the weekend.

 Sporting 8.0-megapixel capability and 5x optical zoom, the u820 would be a strong contender amongst other digital cameras thanks to its $499 price tag. Coupled with multiple features such as Advanced Face Detection, Image Stabilisation, Bright Capture Technology and Shadow Adjustment Technology, the choices gets harder for consumers.

Packard Bell's Booth

 Packard Bell's lightweight series of EasyNote BU45 notebooks is available in four configurations, with all four weighing in the region of 1.7kg. Components standard across the entire series are Intel Core Duo processor, SATA HDD, 1GB DDR2 RAM, DVD-RW Dual Layer drive, 4-in-1 card reader, Bluetooth, integrated webcam, biometric scanner and Windows Vista Premium. Prices start from $1,398 and to a high of $1,898.

 Answering the prayers of those wanting to own a notebook but with really tight budget is the EasyNote F0336-089 notebook that's only going for $777. This affordability is possible by the mobile Intel Celeron processor within. Nevertheless, it still has a 80GB SATA HDD, 512MB DDR RAM, DVD-RW Dual Layer drive, Wi-Fi and ATI Mobility Radeon Xpress 200M graphics. Not bad at all - just don't expect it to be a screaming performer.

 On the opposite end of the performance scale is the EasyNote SB85-006. This is a 17-inch performance notebook with Intel Core 2 Duo T7500 processor (2.2GHz with 4MB L2 cache). Noteworthy components are the dual 160GB SATA HDDs, DVD-RW Dual Layer drive, nVidia GeForce GO 8600M GS, DVI output, HDMI jack, built-in subwoofer and Windows Vista Premium. It's selling at $2,998.

 While it may be well established in Europe, Packard Bell's Compasseo series of GPS modules are relatively unknown here. That might soon change with the Compasseo 600 GPS that is selling for just $599 from a normal retail price of $998. Hurry though, because we've been told $599 is only valid during COMEX 2007.


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