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The anti-social guide to surviving Chinese New Year (while still technically fulfilling your responsibilities)

By Team HardwareZone - 23 Jan 2020

No choice, you've been dragged to a family reunion

No choice, you've been dragged to the family reunion

Okay, the plan to stay at home entirely has backfired and your mum has dragged you to your auntie's house. Now what? Well, you can still try to avoid as much face time as possible.


Easily navigate the treacherous waters of multi-generational family greetings

Do you have way too many relatives? Can’t remember how to address your father’s brother’s wife? The 姨媽姑姐 - Relative Title Calculator app is here to help, although you’ll need to know some Chinese to use it. All you need to do is punch in the order in which the two of you are related, and the app will spit out the correct title. The calculator-style interface is pretty intuitive, so you’ll want to have this with you the next time you have to navigate the treacherous waters of your pesky, multi-generational family.

Get it here!


Fake a call to get away from awkward conversations

Faking a phonecall to escape an awkward conversation is an all-time classic move, but how do you pull it off convincingly? If you use an iPhone, Fake Call Plus is a lifesaver. In addition to tapping a button to initiate the fake ring immediately, you can schedule it to call you at a specified time. Heck, you can even add an audio track to make it sound like the other party is talking when you answer the call.

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Ignore people by pretending to study

We’re going back to how OG anti-socials used to do it - with a book. That’s right, humans. You can ignore people, get some education, and look good doing it. Because when you ignore people by looking at your phone, you’re a millennial. Or strawberry. Whatever. But when you ignore people by reading, you’re a scholar in the making. It’s 2020, so get a Kindle Paperwhite and save the trees. The only condition for this anti-social gem that both you and your parents will love? You have to love reading.

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Drown everyone out with noise-cancelling headphones

When it's all just too much and you need to escape to your own private sanctuary for a few minutes these headphones will do the trick. These noise-cancelling headphones are effective at muting any incessant chatter, allowing you to listen to your music and be in your own world. At least until your mum yanks them off your head. Our top recommendation is Sony's WH-1000XM3, which is their latest and greatest flagship over-ear Bluetooth wireless noise-cancelling headphones.

Get them here from Sony! You can also get it at Lazada or perhaps at Shopee.

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