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Chronicling the life of the Samsung Galaxy Note7

By Cookie Monster & Vijay Anand - 23 Jan 2017

A look at the journey of the Samsung Galaxy Note7 (Part III)


A New Hope

  • 29 September: FAA updated its advisory

The FAA updated its advisory which mentioned that newer non-recalled devices and the replaced units with a green battery indicator are excluded from the ban. 

  • 1 October: China's CCTV slammed Samsung

Chinese state broadcaster CCTV posted a commentary piece that slammed Samsung for its arrogant behavior in handling the Galaxy Note7 situation. 

  • 4 October: Samsung to resume global sales of the Galaxy Note7

Samsung announced that it would resume sales of the device in Korea on 1st October and global markets would follow suit in the coming weeks. 


The Fire Strikes Back

  • 6 October: Replaced Galaxy Note7 exploded in a U.S plane

A replaced Galaxy Note7 exploded on the Southwest Airline’s flight 994 and burned through the carpet and sub-floor of the plane. The affected unit was apparently turned off and exchanged at a telco's store on 21 September. 

Image credit: The Verge, via Brian Green

  • 8 October: U.S telco said to be stopping sales of the Galaxy Note7

AT&T, the second biggest U.S telco and third biggest Samsung customer, was said to be considering to halt the sales of the device. 

  • 9 October: Another replaced Galaxy Note7 catches fire in the U.S

A replaced Galaxy Note7 "melted" in the hands of its 13-year-old owner and left her with a minor burn to the thumb. The device was said to be a replacement model obtained by the owner on 21 September.

  • 9 October: Two other replaced models exploded in the U.S and Taiwan

Similar incidents were reported in Kentucky and Taiwan. For the U.S incident, the owner claimed to have received a message from a Samsung employee which was not meant for him. The Taiwan's Consumers' Foundation reportedly advised Samsung Taiwan the day before to halt all sales and replacements of the Galaxy Note7. 


Return of the Galaxy Note7

  • 10 October: Temporary suspension of production of the Galaxy Note7

Samsung is said to be suspending the production of its Galaxy Note7 temporarily in coordination with safety officials in South Korea, the U.S and China. 

  • 11 October: Samsung halts global sales for the second time

As consumers' safety is its top priority, Samsung made the decision to stop the global sales of the Galaxy Note7 for the second time in two months. It also wants Galaxy Note7 users to power down their devices immediately. 

  • 11 October: Samsung Mobile Singapore responds

Samsung Mobile Singapore states that it is working with the three telcos and retailers to work out a resolution for customers. It will share details of the remedy very soon. 

  • 11 October: Farewell to the Galaxy Note7

Samsung officially confirmed that it is ending production of the Galaxy Note7 for good. What this means is that the device has reached End of Life (EOL), the final stage of a product's existence - all within a couple of months since it debuted.

  • 12 October: Refund/Exchange program in Singapore

Consumers in Singapore can opt for a refund for their Galaxy Note7 devices or exchange them for a Galaxy S7, S7 edge or any other Samsung device with the price difference refunded to them as well. 

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