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CEF 2016 highlights

By Team HardwareZone - 20 Nov 2016

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CEF 2016 highlights!

The Consumer Electronics Fair (CEF) 2016 is happening this week from 17 to 20 November. Organized by the same folks who brought you IT Show, Comex, and CEE, this year's CEF show will take place at Suntec Singapore, level 4 and 3. Take note that if you're looking for mobile phones, desktop computers, portable laptops, digital cameras, and e-mobility vehicles, those can be found on level 4 throughout the four days. On the other hand, home electronic goods from brands like Tefal, Braun, Europace and a few TV brands will be on level 3, which opens from 19 to 20 November. Opening hours are 12 - 9pm; and as always, admission is free.

For more details on what you can expect from CEF (e.g., selfie contest, lucky dips, trade-in promo), check out this earlier article.


CEF 2016 Tech Show Portal

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Without further ado, let us show you some of the deals and products that caught our eye when the team was at the show floor earlier today.





Courts has many Philips TVs on offer at CEF. If you don't need 4K and just want a large-screen TV, there's this 55-inch 1080p Philips TV going for just $899. Even includes an Android hub, wall mount, and 3 years of warranty.

This Philips 55PUT5801/98 is a slim 4K UHD TV that supports DVB-T2 and has four HDMI inputs. Going for just $1,188 at the show, and you get a free 4K Android hub, wall mount, and 3 years of warranty.

This model is simply the smaller 49-inch version of the Philips PUT5801/98 shown above. It comes with the same freebies, but you only pay $799 for this 49-inch 4K model.

For more TV deals from other brands that Courts will be selling this coming Saturday, check out our earlier preview article.

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