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Can budget gaming notebooks deliver the experience you need?

By Team GameAxis - 15 Jul 2018

Gaming experience: PUBG & Fortnite

PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG)

We started with PUBG and, like any serious PC gamer, the first thing we did was to turn the settings up to eleven. We were over-enthusiastic. Putting the game on Ultra caused some very noticeable framerate droops, even when simply queuing in the lobby and watching the idle animations. Turning it down to a more reasonable setting of High made the game slightly smoother, but it was still prone to frame drops when mucking around in towns.

Checking out your immediate area for any other players is the key to survival.

Our in-game settings recommendation

The most optimal setting for a balance between smooth gameplay and pretty scenery will have to be Medium, though if you are in it to win it, I recommend keeping the graphics settings at Low for a slightly more stable frame rate. Don’t expect much, though. On Medium the game was pulling around 20 FPS, while Low bumped that up to 25-30 FPS. Hopefully, with a few optimization patches we can start seeing improvements but, for now, 30 FPS hits the bare minimum needed for a smooth run.

So yes, you can run PUBG at the notebook's native resolution 1,920 x 1,080 pixels and have a usable framerate. Should you need higher frame rates to eliminate any unforeseen dips, you can easily get a big boost by taking the resolution down a notch. As it stands now, for a notebook of this caliber, the in-game experience is reasonable even at Full HD resolution when using this in-game setting:-

A quick look at the settings that gave us the most optimal experience.



Up next we have the trending game of the year, Fortnite. This battle royale kept a steady 25 FPS on High quality settings, though Medium pushed it all the way to a respectably solid 60 FPS and higher.

Our in-game settings recommendation

For competitive play, set all the options to Low but max out the draw distance and screen resolution. This setting brings you up to a comfortable 120 FPS, which is turned to an unwavering 60 FPS when vSync was enabled. Fortnite runs amazingly well on the FX504 – everything was smooth and responsive. As such, we can comfortably say that most other notebooks configured around the GeForce GTX 1050 Ti should offer you a similar gaming experience.

Most optimal settings for competitive play without sacrificing draw distance.

One of the highlights testing Fortnite was an exceptionally long-range pistol kill. After a few potshots from extreme range, we picked off a player who just survived a firefight. Draw distance truly is your best friend.

Multitasking between a shooter and a builder requires quick computers and quicker fingers.

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