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Best Tech Brands of 2022: HWM+HWZ.com Tech Awards Readers' Choice Results

By Zachary Chan - 31 May 2022

Gaming (Part 2)

Best Gaming Desktop PC Brand - Aftershock

ASUS may reign supreme for components and everything from the ROG sub-label is well known for being gamer-approved. However, when it comes to complete, pre-biult systems, local outfit Aftershock has the honours of being our Best Gaming Desktop PC Brand, capturing 38% of total votes in this category. ASUS comes in second place with 20% of the votes, but it’s likely a win-win situation as there will undoubtedly be ASUS parts used in an Aftershock PC as well.


Best Gaming Notebook Brand - Aftershock

One of the few surprises this year are the results for Best Gaming Notebook Brand. Not only is this the first time Aftershock has won this category, they have done so convincingly by capturing 30% of the total votes, a huge lead over ASUS, in second place with 19% vote share. This comes as a surprise because unlike the PC DIY scene, notebooks are more heavily integrated devices, and larger brands such as Dell/Alienware and ASUS have traditionally fared better in our polls. This win could also likely be Aftershock's capability to adapt to the tricky landscape of sourcing for components and thus is able to stay ahead of the curve with offerings that consumers want to have at the time of purchase interest and not seeing a sold-out/out-of-stock label.


Best Gaming Console Brand - Sony

While Sony retains its crown as Best Gaming Console Brand, it does look like the brand has lost some mindshare over the past year. This could very well be due to the fact that PlayStation 5 consoles remain in very short supply, and some fans just haven’t been able to get one. On the other hand, the popularity and availability of Nintendo’s Switch consoles have seen steady growth. Interestingly, Microsoft’s vote share remains at 17%, so all the votes lost by Sony have gone to Nintendo.


Best Gaming Publisher - Nintendo

Perhaps it’s a trickle-down effect on the rise in popularity of the Nintendo Switch, or the controversies that have been dogging Activision Blizzard over the past couple of years, but this year’s results show Nintendo taking the top spot and winning our Best Gaming Publisher award with 16% of the total votes. Activision Blizzard comes in second with 13% and Electronic Arts is third with 11% of the votes.

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