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Best Tech Brands of 2022: HWM+HWZ.com Tech Awards Readers' Choice Results

By Zachary Chan - 31 May 2022

Consumer Electronics (Part 3)

Best TV Brand - Samsung

Samsung has once again been voted as Best TV Brand with a total of 30% of your votes. Prism+, in second place, got 22% of the votes. Last year’s fight was much closer with Samsung and Prism+ having only 1% difference in vote count. LG, remains in third place with the same 19%. Samsung stays relevant by having a full suite of TVs from entry 4K to flagship 8K that place a high emphasis on usability and design that's unmatched by others, while also having unique art and designer models such as Frame and Serif series to fit every home. Prism+, on the other hand, has played the value card so well, they’ve become a household name. And they’re now stepping directly on LG’s toes with their new OLED offerings.


Best Camera Brand - Canon

We seem to have a very loyal camera following here at HardwareZone, and our polls reflect that. Results are very similar to last year, within 1-2 percentage points. Canon is the clear winner for Best Camera Brand with 39% of your total votes, while Nikon and Sony come in second and third place with 20% and 19%, respectively. Some notable models announced in 2021 from the top three brands include the Canon EOS R5 C, EOS R3 and more recently the EOS R7 and R10, Nikon Z9 and Z fc, Sony Alpha 1 and Alpha 7 IV.


Best Electronics Chain Store (Singapore) - Challenger

While other brands may carry electronic goods and gadgets, Challenger stores are ubiquitous in Singapore as a speciality consumer electronics retailer, and it shows. Once again, they are the clear favourite for Best Electronics Chain Store (Singapore), garnering 30% of the total vote count. In the second place, we have Harvey Norman with 18% of the votes, and then much closer competition in third to 6th places between Best Denki, Courts, Audio House and Gain City. Almost all nominees have ranked very similarly in mind share to last year's standings. Did you also know there's a Challenger.sg  shopping portal, Kingdom Technologies computer brand that is owned by Challenger and retails at all its outlets, and that you can rent a laptop through their ITEZ subscription service? Well, now you do, and that's how Challenger is staying ahead in 2022.


Best Electronics Shopping Portal (Singapore) - Shopee

Shopee won this category for the first time last year, and they’ve done it again. This year, Shopee managed to capture 26% of your votes, while Lazada remained in second place with 21% and Amazon Singapore is a distant third with 11%. What used to be gimmicky marketing for Shopee has turned into a household strength for cringeworthy-yet-catchy jingles by local and international celebrities alike. We also feel that Shopee has integrated themselves better with features such as ShopeePay deals at food kiosks, making them more relevant in daily life.

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