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Best Tech Brands of 2022: HWM+HWZ.com Tech Awards Readers' Choice Results

By Zachary Chan - 31 May 2022

Consumer Electronics (Part 2)

Best Soundbar Brand - Bose

Soundbars have evolved from being a speaker compromise to full Hi-Fi setups, to being able to stand on their own with impressive technologies, expansive surround sound, smart assistant support and multi-room functionality. It is no wonder soundbars have their own award this year. The inaugural winner is Bose, with 21% of the total vote count. Sonos comes in second place with 16%, while Bang & Olufsen is third with 13%. This first batch of results does give us a glimpse of the buying habits of our readers, who are willing to spend more on premium brands.


Best Home Theatre System Brand - Bose

Nobody can knock Bose off this pedestal it seems and they are once again your Best Home Theatre System Brand…12 years in a row. And they’ve done it this year with 25% of the total votes. In second and third places are B&O and Sonos, with 17% and 14% votes respectively. All three have actually managed to increase their vote share over last year’s results. Yes, these results are very similar to the Best Soundbar Brand category for now, and it is exactly our intention to eventually differentiate the two as the categories further evolve over the next few years.


Best Mini Projector Brand - Lumos

Another new category for this year’s Readers’ Choice is Best Mini Projector Brand. This seems to be a fast-growing segment that has gotten even the big brands interested in this year. For example, the Samsung Freestyle projector. The uniqueness of a mini projector is literally having a portable cinema that you can carry with you, set up anywhere, on any wall. The inaugural winner of Best mini Projector Brand goes to local brand Lumos, earning 19% of your total votes. Well-known for affordable home projector options, their timing to enter the market was ripe when Covid-19 struck. The rest was history. In second place, Xiaomi garnered 13%, while third place was shared by ASUS and Epson at 11% of the slice each.


Best Home Theatre Projector Brand - Sony

When it comes to the more traditional notion of home theatre projectors, the Best Home Theatre Projector Brand award goes to Sony. However, the results this year are rather telling. Last year, Sony was also the winner with a 31% vote share and a healthy 12-point lead over second-place Epson. This year, the votes were more evenly spread out and Sony’s 18% winning votes are only marginally higher than second-place Samsung (16%). Even Epson (15%) and Benq (14%) are within a stone’s throw.

It's quite likely that the Covid situation accelerated interest in adopting high-quality home theatre projectors to skirt past going to theatres and enjoying the full movie glory in the comfort of one's home. The increased interest would mean consumers are looking out for viable options, and that would have helped increase brand awareness across the board since Sony, while having an excellent set of projector options, are quite expensive to most consumers.

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