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Best Tech Brands of 2022: HWM+HWZ.com Tech Awards Readers' Choice Results

By Zachary Chan - 31 May 2022

Communications & Services (Part 2)

Best Fibre Broadband Service Provider (Singapore) - Singtel

Singtel continues to be the dominant brand and is once again voted as the Best Fibre Broadband Service Provider (Singapore). With 37% of total votes, Singtel has a very comfortable lead. What’s interesting is the fierce competition for second and third place. MyRepublic continues to be a very popular choice among our readers, but StarHub fans have fought back tooth and nail to regain the second spot. While the chart shows both brands having the same 21% share, StarHub pulls ever so slightly ahead with 75 votes.


Best Pay TV Service Provider (Singapore) - StarHub TV

StarHub continues to be the top choice of our readers, winning Best Pay TV Service Provider (Singapore) for another year. However, the margins are small, and both Singtel TV (49%) and StarHub TV (51%) are pretty much equally matched. Now that streaming content has become the major factor for local service providers, it seems like loyalties lie with the provider that’s able to offer the most comprehensive bundle package. Clearly, StarHub has been busy pushing out more updates with a comprehensive HubBundle service combo offering, adding Amazon PrimeParamount Network and Viu streaming services, and even rolled out free high-end soundbars for those signing up or re-contracting their broadband


Best Video Streaming Service Provider (Singapore) - Netflix

Netflix is undoubtedly still the O.G. of video streaming, easily winning this category with 67% of the votes, but that’s actually an 11% drop over last year’s results. Disney+ finally entering the fray, immediately grabbing 9% of the pie, while other providers such as HBO Go and Amazon Prime Video have started shoring up exclusive content. This, in effect, reduces the overall library Netflix used to own, intensifying competition for user eyeballs.


Best Audio Streaming Service Provider (Singapore) - Spotify

Similar to Netflix’s position in the video streaming category, Spotify has long been unchallenged for music streaming. Not because there is no competition, but because the available choices just weren’t competitive enough for the Singapore market. However, with YouTube Music picking up steam and Apple Music making headlines in 2021 with lossless audio upgrades, we thought it was the right time to start tracking the trends in this category.

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