Best 2021 OLED TV showdown: LG G1 Gallery vs. Sony A90J Master Series

By Vijay Anand - 17 Apr 2022


They are both equally good TVs, but you'll have to prioritise which aspects are more important for your next OLED TV at home. LG just happens to get more of them right.


In summary, LG has many things right going for it that make it an easy choice for anyone wanting the best OLED TV model. It's got great performance, not overly expensive, yet has a better feature set appreciated by more people, better gaming features for hardcore gamers (which worked from the start), and a friendlier TV from a UI and UX perspective.

That's not to say we won't recommend the Sony A90J Master Series. It does, after all, have a tad brighter screen and a built-in sound system that's unbeatable by any other TV. In fact, its sonic performance is so good, Sony has speaker posts integrated at its back to allow you to integrate the TV as part of your home theatre's centre-channel speaker. This does mean the Sony A90J Master Series is really only for discerning folks who've deep pockets and appreciate either not having to buy a standalone soundbar or folks who already have a good sound system. Ironically, Sony seems to be catering to those with niche demands, and it accomplishes its mission in that respect.

In the end, LG's G1 Gallery OLED is an easier choice most can agree upon and has a winning combo to get our nod as the overall Best OLED TV recommendation. After all, you can actually get most of what the G1 series offers in even the C1 and B1 series, further making the LG OLED lineup an appealing option.

Scoring Breakdown

LG G1 Gallery OLED EVO

Sony Bravia XR A90J Master Series

Design 8.0 8.5
Features 9.0 8.5
Performance 9.0 9.5
Value 8.5 7.0
Price (65-inch) S$6,299 S$8,999
Awards NIL
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