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The best lightsabers you can buy for fun and fighting

By Alvin Soon - 24 Dec 2015

The best lightsabers you can buy

Who hasn’t wanted their own lightsaber to swing around? After all, it is an elegant weapon for a more civilized age.

Well, you can actually own one now — not a real one that cuts through stone and metal, but one that still lights up and sounds like the ones in the movies. There are plenty of lightsabers to choose from today, from toy sabers to movie replicas to dueling sabers.

But with so many lightsabers to choose from, which one should you buy? Well, it all depends on what you want to do with it.


Lightsabers for the kids

If you want to get a lightsaber for the kids, something they can play and bang around with, you won’t go wrong with the official lightsaber toys from Hasbro. These lightsabers are made of plastic so they won’t break that easily, and are the most affordable lightsabers around, so your heart won’t break when they do.

Besides the plastic extendable lightsabers, Hasbro also sells lightsabers with soft foam Nerf blades, so your kids can play around without getting hurt.


Lightsabers for solo forms and display

Plastic lightsabers are nice for the kids, but if you want something nicer to practice your solo lightsaber forms with, and for looking good on the shelf, then these are the ones to go for.

1) Force FX lightsabers from Hasbro

Force FX lightsabers were movie replicas created by Master Replicas and are now being remanufactured from Hasbro. These lightsabers are the ones you want if you really want to feel like you’re using a proper lightsaber from the movies.

Using an array of LEDs, these lightsabers power up and down the blade in succession, mimicking the ‘beam’ effect from the movies. These lightsabers even come with motion and clash sensors, with corresponding sound effects, so it really sounds like you’re swinging a real lightsaber around.

2) Master Replicas lightsabers

Master Replicas lightsabers were high-quality replicas of the lightsabers used in Episodes I to VI. Master Replicas’ license expired in 2008, so their replicas are considered discontinued and can be hard to find. Be prepared to pay a pretty penny for these collectors’ lightsabers as well. 

Some of these replicas were blade-less, which are good for display only. Alongside life-size lightsaber replicas, Master Replicas also made miniature lightsabers for display.

3) Indie lightsaber smiths

Besides big companies, there are also indie sabersmiths who craft lightsabers from the Star Wars movies and tie-in series. Ro Lightsabers is one of them, and his Rahm Kota lightsaber is this writer’s particular favorite.

Image source: Ro Lightsabers

4) Customized original lightsabers

Besides licensed movie replicas, there’s a whole other world of custom lightsabers with original designs. Vader's Vault is one of the best known sabersmiths around. Genesis Custom Sabers is another indie sabersmith, and while his prices definitely skew towards the high-end, his sabers are one-of-a-kind and gorgeous.

Image source: Genesis Custom Sabers


Lightsabers for dueling

While the lightsabers above are beautiful on the shelf and for solo practice, they don’t do well banging against other lightsabers. To do that, you’ll have to get a sturdy lightsaber that’s made for fight practice.

Ultra Sabers makes lightsabers specifically for dueling, not only do you get a wide range of designs, you also get to choose from a variety of blade colors, including colors like silver and orange that aren’t seen in the official movie replicas. There’s even an Emerald Premium option that lets you change the blade color on the fly. Other well known combat sabersmiths include Park Sabers and Saber Forge.

Image source: Ultra Sabers

Customized, original lightsabers for dueling, made here in Singapore

Sabermach is a local company made up of sabersmiths Jay and Kit. The two handcraft each saber in their six saber catalogue, and each is made with tough blades for dueling. Check out our video where we visit their workshop to see how it’s done.

And if you're keen to learn the 7 forms of lightsaber combat basics, we've teamed up with the local group FightSaber to bring you this video:-


Lightsabers that are actually dangerous

Now, if movie replicas and hardened dueling sabers aren’t enough for you, here’s one more. This lightsaber is actually dangerous. Wicked Lasers’ LaserSaber isn’t a toy, it uses real lasers that could cause blindness, skin burns or fires. The LaserSaber even comes with protective glasses that must be worn when using the laser so you don’t damage your eyes. We’d actually stay away from this one, folks.