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A networking guide: Buying the right ASUS wireless router for your needs

By Team HardwareZone - 23 Sep 2019

What do you want your routers to do for you?

Know thyself, and fear not a hundred routers

Just like one should not have to bring a rocket launcher to a knife fight, you have to be clear what your needs are. So, the main question to ask here is: what exactly do I want my wireless router to do for me?

If you’re unsure, fret not. We’ve compiled some common requirements and segmented them below for your reference. Don’t be too invested in any one category too, as more often than not they will overlap.



Focus: Staying connected to the Internet anywhere in the house

Image: YouTube

If you’re looking at using your router for more everyday stuff, like watching videos on YouTube or just being online and connected, for the most part, a general-purpose router might be the best option here. Better yet if it’s a mesh router that can help you expand coverage needs.



Focus: To make full use of what you’re paying for

Image: Netflix

For the practicality-minded, it’s about getting the bang out of your buck, and that’s perfectly reasonable. After all, if you’re forking out money for quality media / entertainment / gaming content, the least you can expect is a router that offers performance of equal value. This class of users would also usually like more self-management options to configure their routers to fit their diverse usage needs, plus a lot of ports.


Smart Home

Focus: To sustain a reliable smart device ecosystem

Image: ASUS Smart Home

Smart devices are everywhere nowadays, and sometimes you just want to make sure everything works with everything else. Homes and small offices are prime candidates for such an ecosystem, so getting a router focused on tying your hardware together is fair game.



Focus: Fast speeds and maximum responsiveness

Image: Fortnite

Hello, fellow gamer. Sometimes a run-of-the-mill router just won’t cut it; you want the best and the fastest model to stay on top of your game – especially one that can automatically prioritize game network traffic to keep latencies low. If you’re considering to stream your gameplay as well; that’s just another reason to snag a proper gaming-grade router.

Found your segment to align your requirements? Hit the next page as we peg specific products to address each requirements segment!