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The apps you'll need for that perfect date

By Salehuddin Bin Husin - 11 Feb 2016

The apps you'll need for that perfect date

Who says dating needs to be a pain? With our app recommendations, you can be on top of any situation!

If there's one advantage in living in the world today, it's that pretty much everything can be accomplished via a smart device. Whether it's shopping, finding your way to a destination or just to send a message to somebody, smart devices can do it all. Still, with the thousands of apps floating out there, finding the right ones can be a major problem.

We're here to help! We've compiled a handy list of apps you'll definitely want. Sure, they are mainly aimed for those in the dating game, but these apps come in handy even if you're not!

1) Wireless@SG (iTunes, Google Play)

Prepaid or post-paid if you have a smart phone with Wi-Fi, you’ll want Wireless@SG as it connects you to free Wi-Fi sources. All you have to do is a bit of setup beforehand and you're set! Once you're set up, you can always Skype your date to find out where he/she is, at no personal cost to you.


2) myENV (iTunes, Google Play)

Nothing ends a date faster than going to a place and being bothered by dengue carrying mosquitoes. Or going on a moonlit walk at the beach only to see it covered in haze. Avoid adverse weather while finding good places to eat with the myENV app. You not only stay healthy, you get to find good food too! Win-win!



3) Pocket Mall Singapore (iTunes)

So you’re in a mall you’ve never visited, on a blind date with a girl you’ve never met and you need to find a shop to get her a gift from. You could use the mall' directory, but it’s 2016! Why bother with the old ways when you can use this app to know what stores are in a mall. Now, better make it to Famous Amos for those cookies before she arrives. Trust us, everybody loves Famous Amos.



4) Food Panda (iTunes, Google Play)

Sometimes you just want to spend a quiet date at home instead of going out. When that urge strikes and you need food but aren’t sure from where you want it to be from, Food Panda is your savior. Not only does the app have tons of restaurants you can choose from, you can easily order the food and have it delivered right to your door with just a few taps.


5) Hawker (iTunes, Google Play)

Food Panda is good, but what if you just want no-frills, cheap hawker food? Then it’s time to load up Hawker. The app tells you which hawker center you’re near to, browse the choices you have available and have your selection delivered to your door. Getting hawker food has never been easier.



6) Uber/ GrabTaxi/ Comfort Del Gro app
(Uber: iTunes, Google Play) (Grab Taxi: iTunes, Google Play) (Comfort Del Gro app: iTunes, Google Play)

Public transport is fine and dandy, but sometimes speed is what you need. Being stuck in a crowded train or bus is a major no-no on a date. That’s why you’ll need one of these taxi services at your beck and call. Sure, you can grab a cab the old fashioned way, but that involves luck and timing. Guarantee you have a ride coming for you with these apps.




7) SG Now (iTunes)

If you’re a recluse who barely goes out, finding a place to go on a date can be nerve wracking. You can only visit the same places a few times before your date gets sick of it. Download SG Now and watch all those worries fade away as the app has a list of places you can go and events happening at any given time.



8) Popcorn (iTunes, Google Play)

Batman vs Superman. Deadpool. Captain America: Civil War. A movie is a great place to bring a date, especially with the blockbusters that are coming soon to a cinema near you. Unless you’re really on the ball for movie releases, you’ll need an app to help you see what movie is available and where it’s showing. No app is better for that than Popcorn. Ironically, Popcorn doesn't let you order popcorn from cinemas, so you'll still have to do it the old fashioned way.



9) Dash (iTunes, Google Play)

Want to look like hotshot? Dash is the way to go. Dash is a cashless payment system that you can use to pay participating businesses, all through your smartphone. All you need is a Dash account. Then just top up said account’s wallet with cash and you’re set to go.

Since Dash is supported at many different shops, you’ll definitely find it useful. On top of that, Dash also offers Dash Easy, Dash Advance Personal Loan and Dash Abroad Travel Allowance. Dash Easy is a personal savings account offered by Standard Chartered Bank, which automatically deducts Dash payments without you needing to transfer cash to your account. Dash Advance Personal Loan on the other hand, lets you get a loan on the go from Standard Chartered. Finally, Dash Abroad Travel Allowance lets you get worldwide travel insurance coverage (except for Cuba) with just a few taps, perfect for the impromptu getaway, sudden business trips or overseas family emergencies. For even more info, you can check out our news on the launch of this service.


So there you go! A handy list of apps you'll definitely want to have in your smart device. Now you not only have a readily available transport, food and entertainment options, you can even get insurance and loans all on the go!

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