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Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus price plan comparison

By Liu Hongzuo - 15 Oct 2016

Apple iPhone 7 price plan comparison

Note: This article was first published on 13th September  2016.

Who's got the best plan?

With all three telcos - M1, StarHub and Singtel - announcing their price plans for the Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, we find out who offers the best deal this time round.

For all the details on what to expect out of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, check out this article.

Both phones will go on sale on from 16th September 2016.

Without contract, the iPhone 7 will retail for:-

  • 32GB model - S$1,048
  • 128GB model - S$1,218 
  • 256GB model - S$1,388 

If you're looking for the iPhone 7 Plus price comparison, it's on the following page.

Apple iPhone 7 with 2-year contract


Value plans comparison 

Data Plan M1 Singtel
Name i-Lite Combo 1
iPhone 7 Prices 32GB - S$700
128GB - S$855
256GB - S$1,000
32GB - S$698
128GB - S$858
256GB - S$1,008
Monthly Subscription S$28 S$27.90
Local Outgoing Mins 100 100
Local SMS 500 500
Local Data Bundle 300MB 100MB
Total Cost Over Two Years 32GB - S$1,372
128GB - S$1,527
256GB - S$1,672
32GB - S$1,367.60
128GB - S$1,527.60
256GB - S$1,677.60

 N.B. StarHub has not announced price plans for its 4G 300M tier plan.

Basic plans comparison 

Data Plan M1 Singtel StarHub
Name i-Lite+ Combo 2 4G 3
iPhone 7 Prices 32GB - S$570
128GB - S$725
256GB - S$880
32GB - S$568
128GB - S$718
256GB - S$878
32GB - S$561
128GB - S$716
256GB - S$871
Monthly Subscription S$42 S$42.90 S$42.90
Local Outgoing Mins 200 200 150
Local SMS 1,000 1,000 1,000
Local Data Bundle 3GB 2GB 3GB
Total Cost Over Two Years 32GB - S$1,578
128GB - S$1,733
256GB - S$1,888
32GB - S$1,597.60
128GB - S$1,747.60
256GB - S$1,907.60
32GB - S$1,590.60
128GB - S$1,745.60
256GB - S$1,900.60


Mid-tier plans comparison 

Data Plan M1 Singtel StarHub
Name i-Reg Combo 3 4G 4
iPhone 7 Prices 32GB - S$375
128GB - S$530
256GB - S$685
32GB - S$378
128GB - S$538
256GB - S$698
32GB - S$378
128GB - S$533
256GB - S$688
Monthly Subscription S$62 S$62.90 S$62.90
Local Outgoing Mins 300 300 350
Local SMS 1,200 1,200 1,200
Local Data Bundle 4GB 3GB 4GB
Total Cost Over Two Years

32GB - S$1,863
128GB - S$2,018
256GB - S$2,173

32GB - S$1,887.60
128GB - S$2,047.60
256GB - S$2,207.60

32GB - S$1,887.60
128GB - S$2,042.60
256GB - S$2,197.60


Mid-high tier plans comparison

Data Plan M1 Singtel StarHub
Name i-Reg+ Combo 4 4G 5
iPhone 7 Prices 32GB - S$185
128GB - S$340
256GB - S$495
32GB - S$188
128GB - S$338
256GB - S$498
32GB - S$196
128GB - S$351
256GB - S$506
Monthly Subscription S$82 S$82.90 S$82.90
Local Outgoing Mins 400 400 450
Local SMS 1,500 1,300 1,300
Local Data Bundle 5GB 4GB 5GB
Total Cost Over Two Years

32GB - S$2,153
128GB - S$2,308
256GB - S$2,463

32GB - S$2,177.60
128GB - S$2,327.60
256GB - S$2,487.60

32GB - $2,185.60
128GB - $2,340.60
256GB - $2,495.60


High-tier plans comparison 

Data Plan M1 Singtel StarHub
Name i-Max Combo 6 4G 6
iPhone 7 Prices

32GB - S$50
128GB - S$200
256GB - S$355

32GB - S$28
128GB - S$188
256GB - S$338
32GB - S$38
128GB - S$193
256GB - S$348
Monthly Subscription $102 $102.90 $102.90
Local Outgoing Mins 800 700 700
Local SMS 2,000 1,500 1,500
Local Data Bundle 7GB 6GB 6GB
Total Cost Over Two Years

32GB - S$2,498
128GB - S$2,648
256GB - S$2,803

32GB - S$2,497.60
128GB - S$2,657.60
256GB - S$2,807.60

32GB - S$2,507.60
128GB - S$2,662.60
256GB - S$2,817.60


Premium plans comparison 

Data Plan  M1 Singtel StarHub
Name i-Max+ Combo 12 4G 12
iPhone 7 Prices

32GB - S$0
128GB - S$0
256GB - S$0

32GB - S$0
128GB - S$0
256GB - S$0
32GB - S$0
128GB - S$51
256GB - S$206
Monthly Subscription S$228 S$239.90 S$220
Local Outgoing Mins Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Local SMS 5,000 Unlimited Unlimited
Local Data Bundle 13GB 12GB 12GB
Total Cost Over Two Years

32GB - S$5,472
128GB - S$5,472
256GB - S$5,472

32GB - S$5,757.60
128GB - S$5,757.60
256GB - S$5,757.60
32GB - S$5,280
128GB - S$5,331
256GB - S$5,486


Quick analysis

For most tiers, M1 offers the best deals thanks to its competitive price plans and slightly generous mobile data allotment. Generally speaking, M1 also has better pricing on the phones. The exception lies at the premium tier where StarHub has a competitive 32GB and 128GB price plan, but M1 still pulls ahead with its 256GB plan, on top of an extra 1GB mobile data allotment.

It's worth noting that StarHub and Singtel slightly adjusted the upfront cost of the phone in some of its plans (as compared to the previous iPhone launch). While M1 may be pricier by Singtel by a dollar in some tiers, we've also considered the extra data given by M1, since we assumed each extra GB of data used is ~S$10.70/month if its purchased as a standalone add-on. With that in mind, paying an extra dollar over two years works itself out.

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