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Apple iPhone 15 and 15 Pro series: Singtel, StarHub, M1 contract plans and SIM-only plans

By Liu Hongzuo - 24 Sep 2023

Introduction + Singtel's contract plans and SIM-only plans for iPhone 15 lineup

Note: This article was first published on 14th September 2023 with Singtel's costings, and we've just updated it with StarHub's figures. 

19 September update: Uploaded M1 Bespoke Contract plans with information sourced from its website. Certain models are sold out at the time of publishing.

Apple iPhone 15 Pro series in its four Titanium-y colourways.

Apple iPhone 15 series and 15 Pro series telco contract plans

Apple's iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max are out now. Pre-orders begin on 15 September 2023, and its retail date is due on 22 September 2023. If you're a regular reader of HWZ, you know what this means.

Here, we have compiled the prices of two-year contract plans for these highly coveted handsets across the three traditional telcos that offer conventional plan-with-phone bundles.

What is a traditional two-year telco contract plan?

In Singapore, a  phone-with-plan bundle is commonly known as a "telco contract plan". These contract plans typically have a two-year-long (24 months) duration, where you pay a monthly bill that ultimately foots for both the phone you choose and the connectivity offered by the telco you've picked.

Usually, by the end of the contract, you would've paid off anywhere from a little to a lot more than the phone's recommended retail price, with the extra outlay typically treated as the payment for your phone bill. Telcos, after all, need to charge for the mobile data, call minutes, and text messages expended by their customers.

But, all these nickeling-and-dimeing is made sweeter with promotions, offers, corporate plans, and many other mechanics to entice you into switching camps during renewal.

So, how much are you really paying for by the end of your contract? Is that extra moolah worth the plan you've paired it with? Can your budget afford an iPhone 15 or a Pro series model? How comfortable are you knowing that your kidneys might be traded on the dark web to finance your purchase? Do you finally need to hit up that sugar daddy or mommy who's been bugging you? 

Note: the prices you see below do not factor in promotions or discounts, but we'll make a note about the specific promos offered by each telco before we plonk in the information below.

iPhone 15 series and 15 Pro series prices

Here's a snapshot of the iPhone 15 phone prices, assuming you purchase directly from Apple without a telco contract.  

Simply note your preferred iPhone's original price, and compare that to the final price of the whole plan for the differences. This should show you how much more you are paying for the telco plans.

If you are taking any of the telcos' device-only installment plans, the prices below are split across your chosen monthly payment term.

Also note that each telco has different starting times for pre-ordering the iPhone 15/15 Pro series.

iPhone 15 local prices compared
Model iPhone 15 iPhone 15 Plus iPhone 15 Pro iPhone 15 Pro Max
128GB S$1,299 S$1,449 S$1,649 --
256GB S$1,459 S$1,609 S$1,809 S$1,999
512GB S$1,779 S$1,929 S$2,129 S$2,319
1TB -- -- S$2,449 S$2,639

For a fuller picture about iPhone 15 prices and availability, check our pricing article here.

Without further ado, here's the first of the three, Singtel.

Singtel's iPhone 15 series and iPhone 15 Pro series contract plans

Singtel's iPhone 15 plans.

Singtel recently updated its contract plan offers. In summary, the plans now offer 5G across all tiers, some roaming data, loyalty vouchers to keep you around for the next contract renewal, and mobile security protection from their partnered vendor of choice. Everything else offered is what people are used to: local mobile data, call minutes, SMSes, and a monthly fee. Hit the link above to see the exact allotments for each tier.

iPhone 15 series pre-orders via Singtel contract plans begin on 16 September 2023, 9AM Singapore Time. Singtel Red Priority members get to start earlier, on 15 September 2023 8PM.

Specifically for iPhone 15 contract plans, Singtel offers the following promotions:

  • Up to S$300 off with a new plan (new user)
  • Up to S$100 off if re-contracting and upgrading to M plan
  • S$100 off AppleCare+ monthly on a S plan, or higher
  • Optional S$330 to S$580 off Apple products (e.g. 10th-generation iPad, AirPods Pro) if you purchase them together with an iPhone 15 variant
  • More details here

Upfront cost of iPhone 15 with Singtel's 24-month contract plans

XS Plan (S$62 monthly) S Plan (S$78 monthly) M Plan (S$98 monthly) L Plan (S$128 monthly) Pro Plan (S$178 monthly) Fam Plan (S$288 monthly)
iPhone 15 (128GB) S$625 S$485 S$300 S$30 S$0 S$0
iPhone 15 (256GB) S$770 S$630 S$445 S$175 S$0 S$0
iPhone 15 (512GB) S$1,060 S$920 S$735 S$465 S$15 S$0
iPhone 15 Plus (128GB) S$760 S$620 S$440 S$165 S$0 S$0
iPhone 15 Plus (256GB) S$905 S$765 S$580 S$310 S$0 S$0
iPhone 15 Plus (512GB) S$1,200 S$1,055 S$875 S$600 S$150 S$0
iPhone 15 Pro (128GB) S$945 S$800 S$620 S$345 S$0 S$0
iPhone 15 Pro (256GB) S$1,090 S$945 S$765 S$490 S$40 S$0
iPhone 15 Pro (512GB) S$1,380 S$1,240 S$1,055 S$785 S$330 S$0
iPhone 15 Pro (1TB) S$1,670 S$1,530 S$1,345 S$1,075 S$620 S$0
iPhone 15 Pro Max (256GB) S$1,260 S$1,120 S$940 S$665 S$215 S$0
iPhone 15 Pro Max (512GB) S$1,555 S$1,410 S$1,230 S$955 S$505 S$0
iPhone 15 Pro Max (1TB) S$1,845 S$1,700 S$1,520 S$1,245 S$795 S$0

Singtel SIM-only option for iPhone 15 through Singtel PayLater

Singtel's Bring It Back programme for the iPhone 15, until 31 December 2023.

Singtel also offers an iPhone 15 series / iPhone 15 Pro series handset via monthly installments if you choose to use its 12-month SIM Only Plans. Before we look at its promotion, here are the SIM-only plan types they have:

Singtel SIM Only Plus Plans types
SIM Only Plus 30 SIM Only Plus 45 SIM Only Plus 55
Price per month S$30.28 S$36.34 (U.P. S$45.42) S$44.41 (U.P. S$55.51)
Network type 4G 5G 5G
Mobile data 60GB 120GB 180GB
Outgoing talktime 1,000 1,000 1,500
SMSes 500 1,000 1,500

Unlimited incoming talktime

Free 3 months of 5G

Unlimited incoming talktime

Free Caller ID

Free CAST Lifestyle and Education Plus

S$100 Phone Voucher

Unlimited incoming talktime

Free Caller ID

Free CAST Lifestyle and Education Plus

S$100 Phone Voucher

Duration 12 months 12 months 12 months
Total cost S$363.36 S$436.08 (U.P. S$545.04) S$532.92 (U.P. S$666.12)

You must take on one of the plan types in order to get an iPhone 15 variant through Singtel's 0% interest installment method, also known as Singtel PayLater.

Singtel PayLater comes in 12, 24, and 36-month terms. You pay S$0 upfront, and split the phone's cost across the number of months you chose. The payment will be tacked onto your Singtel bill.

Singtel's Bring It Back

From now until 31 December 2023, Singtel SIM Only users who want the iPhone 15 series / iPhone 15 Pro series can enjoy Singtel's Bring It Back programme. We've covered it in detail here

The short version is this: Singtel SIM Only users are guaranteed 50% trade-in value of the iPhone 15 model's original retail price, provided you "bring back" the iPhone 15 phone after 12 months of paying through Singtel PayLater and MobileSwop Unlimited Premium.

Pre-ordering is available to customers who pre-registered their interest with Singtel. To pre-register for Bring It Back, click here.

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