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Apple iPhone 14 and 14 Pro series buying guide for Singapore

By Liu Hongzuo - 18 Sep 2022

Apple iPhone 14 and 14 Pro series price, availability, where to buy

This article was originally published on 8 September 2022, 8.30PM SGT.

9 September 2022 8.45PM update: Filling in with updated pre-order details appearing on partnered retail sites.

10 September 2022 11.30PM update: Filled in Amazon Singapore's offers.

iPhone 14 Pro series' Dynamic Island.

Buying the new iPhone 14? You've come to the right place

By now, you would have already heard of Apple launching the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. To aid you in your purchasing decisions and journey, we’ve compiled all its key details into this piece – starting with its pricing and availability.


Apple iPhone 14 and 14 Pro series pricing details

iPhone 14 Pro series, rear cameras.

Here’s a snapshot of the 2022 iPhones, their prices, storage options, and retail availability details.

Apple iPhone 14 and 14 Pro series in Singapore
  Apple iPhone 14 Apple iPhone 14 Plus Apple iPhone 14 Pro Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max
128GB S$1,299 S$1,499 S$1,649 S$1,799
256GB S$1,469 S$1,699 S$1,819 S$1,969
512GB S$1,799 S$1,999 S$2,149 S$2,299
1TB NIL NIL S$2,479 S$2,629
Pre-order begins 9 September 2022, 8 PM SGT
Availability 16 September 2022 7 October 2022 16 September 2022 16 September 2022
Colours Blue, Purple, Midnight, Starlight, PRODUCT(RED) Deep Purple, Gold, Silver, Space Black 

Starting and ending prices remained the same as the iPhone 13 lineup back in 2021's launch, with the cheapest starting at S$1,299 and the most expensive option at S$2,629. A key difference is the discontinuation of its Mini variant, which was the least popular iPhone variant in recent times.

Pre-orders begin on 9 September 2022, 8 PM SGT. Retail availability starts on 16 September 2022 for the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max, while the iPhone 14 Plus gets a start date of 7 October 2022.


Where to buy the Apple iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro series?

iPhone 14 Pro series.

We’re still waiting on our friendly distributors and partners to provide more details on any possible promotions and touchpoints for the Apple iPhone 14 and 14 Pro series, so check back here regularly for any new additions. Akan datang, relek first.

Where can you buy Apple products? at Apple, obviously.

Besides the Apple Online Store that offers free shipping or in-store pick-up, and 0% installments for 24 months with participating banks, the new 14 and 14 Pro series phones are also found in our local telcos, authorised e-commerce platforms, and select consumer electronic stores.


Buying via Singapore telco operators

If you prefer shopping through a telco, we parked their respective details and promotions here.



Singtel carries the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max, the Apple Watch Series 8, the Apple Watch SE (2022), the Apple Watch Ultra, and second-gen AirPods Pro (a.k.a. AirPods Pro 2).

Registration of interest has concluded, since the pre-orders are about to begin. You can still hit the link to check if your registration was completed.

Singtel pre-order begins.

Pre-orders for the phone begin on 9 September 2022, 8 PM Singapore Time. Singtel's pre-order period begins on 10 September 2022, 8 AM SGT.

Retail availability follows Apple's abovementioned schedule (7 October for Plus variant, 16 September for the rest). 

If the preferred model is unavailable at launch (out of stock, etc.), Singtel will still take pre-orders, but with an expected delivery of six weeks or earlier. 


Pre-order with XO Plus contract plan

Singtel's XO Plus is a two-year contract plan with a mobile device bearing an upfront cost.

Almost all XO Plus plans come with Singtel 5G. The XO Plus 50 plan requires a S$15/month add-on to get access to 5G.

Singtel XO Plus plans' bundle
  XO Plus 50 XO Plus 68 XO Plus 88 XO Plus 118 XO Plus 168 XO Plus 288
Data 10GB of 4G 30GB 60GB 80GB 120GB 180GB
Minutes 100 300 600 800 1,200 1,800
SMS 100 300 600 800 1,200 1,800
Monthly price S$50 S$68 S$88 S$118 S$168 S$288

Promotions include:

  • Extra S$100 off with the new iPhone when purchased with AppleCare+
  • Get free months of Apple Services, maximum of 12 months (Apple TV+, Apple Music, Apple Arcade, iCloud)
  • 30% savings on Apple Accessories Bundle (specifically Apple AirPods Pro with MagSafe, and Apple 20W USB-C Power Adapter)
  • S$100 off for renewal upgrades to XO Plus 68 and above
  • S$300 off for selected XO Plus sign-ups

Here are the upfront costs of the iPhone 14 models with Singtel's XO Plus plans.

Up-front cost of Apple iPhone 14 series with Singtel's XO Plus contract plan
  XO Plus 50 XO Plus 68 XO Plus 88 XO Plus 118 XO Plus 168 XO Plus 288
iPhone 14 (128GB) S$728 S$568 S$388 S$128 S$0 S$0
iPhone 14 (256GB) S$888 S$728 S$548 S$278 S$0 S$0
iPhone 14 (512GB) S$1,188 S$1,028 S$848 S$578 S$128 S$0
iPhone 14 Plus (128GB) S$908 S$748 S$578 S$308 S$0 S$0
iPhone 14 Plus (256GB) S$1,068 S$908 S$728 S$458 S$0 S$0
iPhone 14 Plus (512GB) S$1,368 S$1,208 S$1,028 S$758 S$308 S$0
iPhone 14 Pro (128GB) S$1,048 S$888 S$708 S$438 S$0 S$0
iPhone 14 Pro (256GB) S$1,198 S$1,038 S$858 S$598 S$148 S$0
iPhone 14 Pro (512GB) S$1,498 S$1,338 S$1,168 S$898 S$448 S$0
iPhone 14 Pro (1TB) S$1,798 S$1,638 S$1,468 S$1,198 S$748 S$0
iPhone 14 Pro Max (128GB) S$1,188 S$1,028 S$848 S$578 S$128 S$0
iPhone 14 Pro Max (256GB) S$1,338 S$1,178 S$998 S$728 S$288 S$0
iPhone 14 Pro Max (512GB) S$1,638 S$1,478 S$1,298 S$1,028 S$588 S$0
iPhone 14 Pro Max (1TB) S$1,938 S$1,778 S$1,598 S$1,328 S$888 S$0


Pre-order with Singtel SIM-Only Plan

For the first time at Singtel, customers can pre-order the new iPhones with a SIM-Only plan, unlike how it used to be an exclusive service to contract plan customers. Two different SIM-Only plans are offered with 12-month terms.

These customers can also take advantage of Singtel PayLater, an optional monthly installment plan for splitting the cost of an iPhone 14 model into 12, 24, or 36 monthly payments.

There's also a maximum of S$1,000 off when trading in an old device.

Apple iPhone 14 series with Singtel SIM-Only Plan
  SIM Only Plus 45 SIM Only Plus 55
Plan bundle includes

Free 5G Access

70GB data (+30GB for first six months)

1,000 minutes and SMSes

Free Caller ID

Free 5G Access

90GB data (+30GB for the first six months)

1,500 minutes and SMSes

Free Caller ID

Plan cost per month S$30/month for the first six months (U.P. S$45/month) S$45/month for the first 12 months (U.P. S$55/month)
Required period 12 months term 12 months term
Total S$ at the end of 12 months S$450 (plan only) S$540 (plan only)

The above values do not yet factor in an iPhone's cost.

You can opt to pay upfront for the phone, or use Singtel PayLater (table below) to split up the phone costs through monthly installments.


Using Singtel PayLater for iPhone 14 series
  Singtel PayLater 12 Singtel PayLater 24 Singtel PayLater 36
iPhone 14

S$109/mth (128GB)

S$123/mth (256GB)

S$150/mth (512GB)

S$55/mth (128GB)

S$62/mth (256GB)

S$75/mth (512GB)

S$37/mth (128GB)

S$41/mth (256GB)

S$50/mth (512GB)

iPhone 14 Plus

S$125/mth (128GB)

S$140/mth (256GB)

S$167/mth (512GB)

S$63/mth (128GB)

S$70/mth (256GB)

S$84/mth (512GB)

S$42/mth (128GB)

S$47/mth (256GB)

S$56/mth (512GB)

iPhone 14 Pro

S$138/mth (128GB)

S$152/mth (256GB)

S$180/mth (512GB)

S$207/mth (1TB)

S$69/mth (128GB)

S$76/mth (256GB)

S$90/mth (512GB)

S$104/mth (1TB)

S$46/mth (128GB)

S$51/mth (256GB)

S$60/mth (512GB)

S$69/mth (1TB)

iPhone 14 Pro Max

S$150/mth (128GB)

S$165/mth (256GB)

S$192/mth (512GB)

S$220/mth (1TB)

S$75/mth (128GB)

S$83/mth (256GB)

S$96/mth (512GB)

S$110/mth (1TB)

S$50/mth (128GB)

S$55/mth (256GB)

S$64/mth (512GB)

S$74/mth (1TB)

We've followed up with Singtel to learn more about the PayLater payments stated in the table above.

The red camp telco clarified that the Singtel PayLater values above are rounded up for better glance values of its monthly payments. Customers will still only pay the RRP of their preferred iPhone 14 model by the end of its payment term. 

For example, the iPhone 14 Pro Max 1TB (which retails at S$2,629) will not cost more than S$2,629 by the end of their Singtel PayLater term.


More information about Singtel's iPhone 14 series campaign is found here.



StarHub's promotion and details.

StarHub pre-orders begin on 9 September 2022, 8 PM SGT onwards here. The pre-orders stay open until 15 September 2022, while stocks last. 

Collection and delivery will begin on 16 September 2022 for iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max customers.

For customers who opted for an iPhone 14 Plus, collection/delivery starts on 7 October 2022 instead.


Pre-order with Mobile+

StarHub customers can pre-order the iPhone 14 lineup through its Mobile+ contract plans or via EasyGo (contract-free, zero-interest, 24 months installment payment mode that allows for S$0 upfront cost).

For Mobile+ customers getting an iPhone 14 model, you also get:

  • Instant access to StarHub 5G
  • Free 1 month access to GeForce NOW cloud gaming powered by StarHub
  • Disney+ on StarHub for customers subscribing to the Mobile+ S$99, S$129, and S$169 plans
  • Free SIM card and registration

Here are the upfront costs of the iPhone 14 and 14 Pro lineup via StarHub's Mobile+ plans.

iPhone 14 series upfront cost via StarHub's Mobile+ contract plan

Mobile+ $69 (two-year plan)

Mobile+ $99 (two-year plan) Mobile+ $129 (two-year plan) Mobile+ $169 (two-year plan)
iPhone 14 (128GB) S$579 S$329 S$69 S$0
iPhone 14 (256GB) S$739 S$489 S$219 S$0
iPhone 14 (512GB) S$1,039 S$789 S$519 S$249
iPhone 14 Plus (128GB) S$769 S$509 S$249 S$0
iPhone 14 Plus (256GB) S$919 S$669 S$399 S$139
iPhone 14 Plus (512GB) S$1,219 S$969 S$699 S$439
iPhone 14 Pro (128GB) S$899 S$649 S$379 S$119
iPhone 14 Pro (256GB) S$1,059 S$799 S$539 S$269
iPhone 14 Pro (512GB) S$1,359 S$1,109 S$839 S$569
iPhone 14 Pro (1TB) S$1,659 S$1,399 S$1,139 S$869
iPhone 14 Pro Max (128GB) S$1,039 S$789 S$519 S$249
iPhone 14 Pro Max (256GB) S$1,189 S$939 S$679 S$409
iPhone 14 Pro Max (512GB) S$1,489 S$1,239 S$969 S$709
iPhone 14 Pro Max (1TB) S$1,789 S$1,539 S$1,279 S$1,009


Additional 50GB for Mobile+

StarHub adds 50GB to all Mobile+ plans, for a period of 24 months.

15 September 2022 update: All customers who sign up for or recontract to StarHub’s new Mobile+ 2 year plans enjoy an additional 50GB of data monthly, for a period of 24 months.  

For example, the S$69 Mobile+ 2-year plan would have 80GB of 5G data before reverting back to 30GB at the end of 24 months. To receive the bonus data again, subscribers would need to renew their Mobile+ lines at the end of the 24 months. 

New SH customers signing up for a Mobile+ plan will receive the additional data, no matter which phone model they choose. Existing SH customers will need to recontract their current Mobile+ lines to trigger the extra 50GB for their plans.

StarHub did not specify when this promotion will end, but the green camp shared that it also applies to the iPhone 14/14 Pro series phones.



"Buy Now" buttons greyed out on the M1 landing page.

Pre-order with Bespoke Contract

M1 is offering the iPhone 14 lineup via its Bespoke Contract plans. Bespoke Contract is a two-year contract plan with a device and upfront cost, but you get to play around with the talktime, SMS, and data bundles within your chosen plan fee.

Exclusive promotions around its iPhone 14 series Bespoke Contract plans includes the following:

  • S$80 discount if re-contracting on Bespoke Contract S$65.95 plan
  • S$150 discount if re-contracting on Bespoke Contract S$78.95 and above plans
  • S$200 discount for new sign-ups or port-in on Bespoke Contract S$110.95 and higher plans
  • Additional S$200 off if you trade-in "to enjoy for the iPhone 14 series"
  • Free registration, SIM card, and its delivery
  • Free Caller ID for three months when porting in from M1
  • Free three months of Apple Arcade, T&Cs apply
  • Free Unlimited Weekend Data for three months for new sign-ups, or when porting over to M1
  • Free three months of Apple TV+, T&Cs apply
  • For new subscribers, free six months of Apple Music if purchasing with eligible AirPods, T&Cs apply

That's a lot of promos from the orange camp. Now, on to its contract plan's upfront costs. All Bespoke Contract plans come with M1 True 5G.

Upfront cost of iPhone 14 series with M1's Bespoke Contract plan
  S$50.95 plan S$65.95 plan S$78.95 plan S$90.95 plan S$110.95 plan S$155.95 plan S$235.95 plan
iPhone 14 (128GB) S$700 S$560 S$440 S$370 S$190 S$0 S$0
iPhone 14 (256GB) S$850 S$710 S$590 S$520 S$350 S$0 S$0
iPhone 14 (512GB) S$1,150 S$1,010 S$890 S$820 S$640 S$250 S$200
iPhone 14 Plus S$880 S$740 S$620 S$550 S$370 S$0 S$0
iPhone 14 Plus S$1,040 S$900 S$770 S$700 S$530 S$130 S$80
iPhone 14 Plus (512GB) S$1,340 S$1,200 S$1,070 S$1,000 S$830 S$430 S$380
iPhone 14 Pro (128GB) S$1,020 S$880 S$760 S$690 S$510 S$110 S$60
iPhone 14 Pro (256GB) S$1,170 S$1,030 S$910 S$840 S$660 S$270 S$220
iPhone 14 Pro (512GB) S$1,470 S$1,330 S$1,210 S$1,140 S$960 S$570 S$520
iPhone 14 Pro (1TB) S$1,770 S$1,630 S$1,510 S$1,440 S$1,260 S$860 S$810
iPhone 14 Pro Max (128GB) S$1,150 S$1,010 S$890 S$820 S$640 S$240 S$190
iPhone 14 Pro Max (256GB) S$1,310 S$1,170 S$1,050 S$980 S$800 S$400 S$350
iPhone 14 Pro Max (512GB) S$1,610 S$1,470 S$1,350 S$1,280 S$1,100 S$700 S$650
iPhone 14 Pro Max (1TB) S$1,910 S$1,770 S$1,650 S$1,580 S$1,400 S$1,000 S$950

This table does not yet factor in the promotions or any discounts that might be applicable to you.


Pre-order with Bespoke Flexi

Bespoke Flexi plans by M1 for iPhone 14 series.

M1 also offers the four models via its Bespoke Flexi plans. Bespoke Flexi plans allow customers adjust the monthly cost of their phone line (based on data, SMS, and talktime amounts), ranging anywhere between S$30.95 to S$195.95 per month.

The cost of the phone is calculated separately, with the option to select your preferred upfront amount (including S$0 upfront), and splitting the rest over 12, 18, 24, and 36 months of payment. 

Promotions for Bespoke Flexi include:

  • S$100 off for existing customers
  • S$200 off for new sign-ups and port-in customers

All Bespoke Flexi plans come with M1 True 5G as well.



Circles.Life's iPhone 14 promotions.

Circles.Life, the OG MVNO that uses M1's network, lets new and existing users purchase one of the 2022 iPhones if you're willing to take it together with a SIM-only 4G plan.

To make its deal a little sweeter (so that it's more than just buying an iPhone together with a CL SIM-only 4G plan), the MVNO is throwing in the following promotions.

First 200 pre-orders get an "unboxing kit" which consists of:

  • Voucher for ESR Screen Protector with pasting service (worth S$29.90, redeemed at Mobilestop outlets)
  • An Atome voucher (S$5 off, S$100 minimum spend, brand exclusion applies)
  • Moft's snap-on phone stand and wallet 
  • A pack of Circles.Life's exclusive stickers
  • A phone accessory voucher that grants 10% off (single voucher use only, redeemed at Mobilestop outlets)

If you're not the first 200, you can still get the following:

  • 3 months of unlimited data with every new iPhone 14 purchased with a CL plan
  • S$50 off if you pay via Atome BNPL service provider
  • Payment plans of up to 36 months with no extra charges if you carry the one if its participating bank's cards
  • Option to take eSIM, or transfer to an eSIM (4G) at no extra charge

You can get started with Circles.Life via its landing page here. 


Buying via e-commerce platforms

Amazon SingaporeLazada Singapore, and Shopee Singapore e-commerce resellers with Apple-authorised landing pages. They are just as official as buying directly from Apple, albeit with their own systems in place.


Buying via Amazon

Amazon Singapore iPhone 14 series and iPhone 14 Pro series.

Amazon Singapore updated its Apple Store page with pre-order listings of the iPhone 14 series (iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus) and iPhone 14 Pro series (iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14 Pro Max).

According to Amazon, pre-orders can expect up to S$150 in Amazon.sg gift cards, plus free or discounted Apple products (like MagSafe Chargers, iPhone 14 casings, etc.). The page itself shows S$100 gift cards for Citi or HSBC cardholders, on top of Amazon-exclusive bonuses depending on the phone model you pick.


Buying via Lazada

Apple authorised store on Lazada Singapore.

Apple's official webstore on Lazada Singapore has been updated with a landing page and product listings of the iPhone 14 and 14 Pro series phones, in preparation for 9 September 2022, 8 PM SGT pre-orders.

Free shipping and 0%, interest-free installment are some of Lazada's perks. You can also stack your various credit card's bank vouchers (Citi S$100 off, Citi-Lazada S$120 off, Mastercard S$100 off), on top of an additional S$50 Lazada platform voucher.


Buying via Shopee

Apple iPhone 14 series on Shopee.

Shopee Singapore's authorised Apple webstore also uploaded placeholder product listings for the Apple iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro series devices. It also offers free shipping and 0% installment plans. The listings will only go live on 9 September 2022, 8 PM SGT as well. 

Shopee offers 10% Shopee Coins cashback (capped at 4,000 coins) via its platform's shop voucher, alongside various add-on deals like AppleCare+ for iPhone 14 and MagSafe chargers.


Buying via other authorised electronic stores

To be updated.


To see which iPhone 14 model best fits your needs, you can see our comparisons on the next page.

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