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Apple iPad Mini: Rumor Round-Up
By Sidney Wong - 20 Oct 2012,6:34pm

Apple iPad Mini: Rumor Round-Up

Apple Enters the 7-inch Territory

Since Apple started the tablet frenzy in 2010 with its first iPad, there have been rumors of a smaller iPad in the pipeline. Apple co-founder Steve Jobs made his infamous remark that 7-inch tablets were "dead on arrival" during the company's Q4 2010 earnings call.

While his comments smashed people's hopes for a 7-inch iPad at that point in time, the tablet scene has since changed significantly. Amazon's Kindle Fire tablets and Google Nexus 7 are eroding Apple's lead in the tablet space, which prove that there is a market for 7-inch tablets.

In August this year, it was revealed that Steve Jobs was actually "very receptive" to a 7-inch iPad after Eddy Cue, the senior vice president of Internet Software and Services sounded out to him about the possibility of entering the 7-inch market. As such, the iPad Mini was alleged to be priced at a competitive US$200 and US$250, which would put it on par with affordable options like the Nexus 7 and the Kindle Fire. However, a recent price list leak puts the iPad Mini at a more expensive range of US$323 to US$841.

Since then, the rumor mill has gone into overdrive with at least one article on the iPad Mini appearing every few days. Judging from the accuracy of the leaks of the Apple iPhone 5, we might actually have a good idea on how the iPad Mini will look like. With the upcoming Apple event on 23rd of October that's likely to launch the iPad Mini, here's the run down of the rumors that have been circulating around in cyberspace for the past few months.



ZooGue, a leading manufacturer of mobile accessories, obtained images of the rear panel of a smaller iPad model from its anonymous sources. The pictures reveal the same speaker grille design as the Apple iPhone 5, and a smaller dock connector

Image source: ZooGue

Image source: GottaBeMobile

GottaBeMobile, a news and review website, published a series of photos of the engineering samples of the iPad Mini which were taken from within the supply chain.

The iPad Mini is said to sport a thinner design that is two-thirds the size of the current iPad. Using PhotoShop, GottaBeMobile estimated the iPad Mini to measure about 213.36mm tall and 143.67mm wide, which translates to a design that is taller and wider than the Google Nexus 7.

Similarly, the engineering sample also shows a smaller 19-pin dock connector. Two speakers are also seen on either side of the dock connector, which coincides with the photos from ZooGue.

 Image source: 9to5Mac

9to5Mac, a site dedicated to tracking Apple-related news, received tips from sources whom they believed to have knowledge about Apple's plans on the iPad Mini.

Citing information from their sources, 9to5Mac reports that the iPad Mini will resemble a big iPod Touch "with smaller bezels along the sides in portrait mode", "separate volume buttons" and "a mic on the back".

Image source: Bolopad.com

Chinese site Bolopad.com revealed photos of an iPad Mini mock up that look like an iPod Touch. It sports thinner bezels along the side, aluminum back plate and a hole (or mic) at the top center of its back. The familiar looking Lightning dock and speaker grille design are also spotted in the images.

A video was later posted on by GizChina, which shows that the iPad Mini might come in a LTE or 3G version due to the presence of a plastic black strip at the top of the device.

Image source: ttmop.com

More leaked images of the Apple iPad Mini appear online, showing off a design that is 200mm in length, 135mm in width and just 7.69mm in thickness. The device also has a 8-pin dock connector, a camera hole, a mic, screen rotation lock button and separate volume controls.

The device is alleged to sport a charge capacity of 4490 mAh and runs at 3.72 volts. This gives the iPad Mini a 16.7 watt-hour capacity, while the third-generation iPad has a 42.5 watt-hour capacity.


Display and Resolution

Most of the rumors so far point to a 7.85-inch iPad Mini. However, there have been contradictions in some reports that suggest otherwise. Here's a listing of various prominent sources we've gathered information of the upcoming iPad's display aspects:-

  • Earlier in March, Venturebeat claimed that the Apple iPad Mini will sport a 7.1-inch display.
  • Cygnett, a prominent maker of mobile accessories, apparently manufactured cases for a 7-inch iPad Mini based on sketches. It is also estimated to have an aspect ratio of 16:9.
  • An unnamed Samsung offical was speaking to the Korea Times on the current contract dealings with Apple when a smaller 7.85-inch iPad Mini was mentioned.
  • iMore reported in May that Apple will be unveiling a scaled-down 7.85-inch iPad with a display resolution of 2,048 x 1,536 pixels, which is identical to the third generation iPad.
  • ZooGue's sources pointed out that the Apple iPad Mini will feature a 7.58-inch display.
  • Citing information from "two people with knowledge of [Apple's] plans", Bloomberg released a report stating that the iPad Mini will come with a screen size between 7 to 8-inch. It will also not have a Retina display and will come only with a pixel density of 264ppi.
  • GizChina obtained a dummy set of the Apple iPad Mini and made a short hands-on video on the device. In the video, the device is stated to have a 7.85-inch display, as rumors have suggested.  




The Apple iPad Mini is expected to come in two standard color variants: black and white.

Tech website UkrainianiPhone managed to lay their hands on two mock up versions of the iPad Mini, which show a black/slate variant and a nano-SIM alternative. The mockups also seem to have an anodized aluminum finish.

Image source: UkrainianiPhone 

Gizmodo reader Martin Hajek - whose renders of the iPhone 5 were relatively accurate - has spent some time and efforts to mock up what the actual iPad Mini might eventually look like. Besides the standard black and white variants, he also added in some renders of the iPad Mini in different colors similar to the new iPod Touch. 

Image source: Gizmodo


Other Devices - Modified Version of the Third Gen iPad?

An unknown "iPad 3,6" appeared in one of the developers' app analytics log. In addition, the device is found to be powered by a processor that is based on the new ARMv7s architecture - the same processing architecture used in the iPhone 5. Does this signal a renewed edition of the flagship new iPad? We'll find out within the next few days.

The Apple event on the 23rd October is rumored to not only showcase the much-talked about iPad Mini, but also a new 13-inch Macbook Pro with Retina display. And as if those weren't enough, there's also speculation that the event will feature redesigned iMacs and updated Mac Mini systems. We end our article with a list of relevant articles and reports related to the iPad Mini.

Apple iPad Mini Reports and Related Articles

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