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Adobe shows off the power of machine learning with Sneaks

By Marcus Wong - 8 Nov 2019

Adobe Sneaks show off the power of machine learning pg1

Adobe Max has just ended, and the most interesting highlights undoubtedly come from the segment they call “Sneaks”. This is where Adobe’s engineers show off what they’ve been working on, and the results are often magic. Here’s a quick round up of what was on display, all powered by Adobe Sensei.



If you've always wanted a way to tell if an image was digitally edited or not, this one's for you. AboutFace is able to analyze an image and tell if it has been edited or not, just by looking at the pixel information. What's more, it's able to display a heat map of the retouching so you can see exactly what was retouched, all without reading any metadata. Better yet, it's able to undo the changes just based on what it detects.



Now here's one for the photographers among us. AllinSeek does automatic compositing of two images for you, intelligently analyzing the images to detect the missing faces/people and adding them in the picture with more people. The end result is a perfect composite at a click. No masking or selecting required!



SoundSeek works just like a magic wand but for sound. You simply load a full clip, select the sound you want to remove (via the waveform), hit analyse, and it will match all similar sounds in the clip so you can easily delete them. Because it works via waveform (i.e. the sound) it works with all languages, and in fact, any sound - like the horn of a car- it's a great way to get clean audio.



For character animators, creating realistic animation of a someone talking is always tricky. Besides focusing on the mouth shape, there's also the eyes and ears that move together in tandem. With SweetTalkSneak, that's all handled automatically. All you need is an audio clip and a graphic to be animated!



With ProjectPronto, creating an AR experience is as simple as making video of your desired subject. The video is then mapped to the motion of your device, so your final output is an augmented reality experience. 



ImageTango lets you easily convert basic line sketches into photorealistic images. Take a sketch, add a photograph that's supposed to match, and ImageTango will create a brand new photorealistic image composite in seconds.