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9 tips for getting the best deals in Lazada's Online Revolution 12/12 sale

By James Lu - 12 Dec 2016

9 tips for getting the best deals in Lazada's Online Revolution 12/12 sale

Couldn't get enough of Singles Day, Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping? Good news, there's another online shopping fiesta right around the corner, Lazada's own 12/12 Online Revolution. Here are nine tips to prepare for the big day! (next Monday, 12th December)

1. Load up your cart

If you can't resist shopping on Lazada, do yourself a favor and leave the items in your cart for now, and don't checkout until at least 12th December. Lazada has told us that "loads of voucher codes" will go live that day.


2. 12/12 is going to be bigger than 11/11

Lazada had 48 products on Flash Sale on 11/11. We've been told that 12/12 is going to be three times as big, with 144 products on Flash Sale!


3. Check back every three hours

Everyone knows Flash Sales offer the best prices, but you have to be quick before they sell out. On 12/12 Lazada's Flash Sales will kick off every three hours, so check the website at 9AM, 12PM, 3PM, 6PM etc.


4.  Check in advance to see which brands are part of 12/12

Lazada has put up a page featuring the brands that are officially partnering with them on 12/12. You can see it here to check if your favorite brand is taking part.


5. Get your holiday presents in on time

If you're planning on doing your holiday shopping on Lazada, you'll want to check for two things: 1) Delivery Type – this will give you the date range by which you can receive your stuff and 2) Where your item is shipped from. Items shipped from overseas tend to take a bit longer.  


6. Lazada always has an option for free delivery

Don't care when your stuff arrives? Pick free delivery, it's always an option. Standard and Express Delivery are faster, but you have to pay extra.


7. Get the Lazada app to be notified when flash sales start

If you don't want to sit at home all day checking the website, get the Lazada app - discounts apply on both desktop and mobile. And as a bonus, the Lazada app will prompt you each time a flash sale starts. Just make sure you have your push notifications on.


8. Use a Citibank card

Citibank is the official bank partner for Online Revolution.


9. 12/12 isn't just 12/12

Lazada's Online Revolution sale isn't actually just 12/12. It runs for three days until 14th December!

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