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8 Free Windows Store App Suggestions

By Wong Casandra - 25 Oct 2012

Free Windows Store Apps You Can Try

8 Free Windows Store Apps You Can Try

While Windows 8 won't officially launch until October 26, there's already plenty of apps in the Windows Store. While many of the apps are paid and trial apps, the good news is, the majority of them (about 90%) are free. So put that credit card of yours back in the wallet for the moment, for here are our eight free app recommendations. For those who can't wait till this Friday, you can try them today if you've installed the Windows 8 Release Preview.

1. Rowi

Price: Free
Category: Social
Developer: Hidden Pineapple, LLC

Twitter aficionados simply cannot live without their daily Twitter fix. The Rowi app solves just that with a simple-to-use and minimalist interface. The experience has been streamlined so much so that it feels like the app is part of the new Windows 8 experience.


2. Cocktail Flow

Price: Free
Category: Food & Dining
Developer: Distinction Ltd
Adventurous drinkers, the Cocktail Flow app is a beautiful app that is well-suited for those looking for a little variety and fun in their alcoholic drinks. Hundreds of gorgeously-presented recipes with simple instructions aside, the app also allows users to catalog what’s in their bar or cabinet.


3. Box

Price: Free
Category: Business
Developer: Box, Inc.

With 5GB free, Box features cloud storage services not unlike its popular competitor, Dropbox. The app allows you to collaborate and share important files and folders as links with Windows 8's Share feature. Upload multiple images, videos and files with ease with Box installed.


4. Fresh Paint

Price: Free
Category: Entertainment
Developer: Microsoft Corporation
Fresh Paint allows you to explore your creative side without so much as spending a cent. Featuring a realistic paint engine, the app allows you to blend and mix authentic-looking paint to get the look you want. Why wait? Create away!


5. Pirates Love Daisies

Price: Free
Category: Games > Action
Developer: gskinner.com
Looking for a quick blast of fun? A big fan of Tower Defense games? Pirates Love Daisies is a simple game that pits you against pirate, Davey Jones. Hire a crew and use them to keep evil at bay!


6. Doodle God Free

Price: Free
Category: Games > Puzzle
Developer: JoyBits Ltd
Big fans of Chemistry will surely enjoy Doodle God Free. Yes, you will be playing god of sorts, as the app places the power of creation in your hands. Mix and match different elements to create things like bacteria and even weapons!


7. News Republic

Price: Free
Category: News
Developer: Mobiles Republic
Looking to keep yourself updated on breaking news? News Republic gives you access to more than 10,000 breaking news stories everyday, ranging from topics like tech, entertainment, business, sports and more. You can further personalize your reading experience by choosing your favorites to follow out of 120,000 topics. Of course, if you want to share a particular news piece, you can do so easily via the Windows 8 integrated share system.


8. Givit

Price: Free
Category: Video
Developer: VMIX MEDIA
Video junkie? You are at the right place. Completely redesigned for the Windows 8 interface, Givit allows you to easily share video with friends and computers across multiple devices without any hassle. The app allows you to share large videos that cannot be sent by email, determines who can watch or forward your videos as well as backs up your content via cloud storage.

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