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8 affordable gadgets that will make working from home much easier

By The Shopping Team - 8 Feb 2023

8 affordable gadgets that will make working from home much easier

Since the pandemic, working from home is the new normal for many of us. It works by cutting out commuting times, which means more hours to spend with our families and friends, or to pursue our hobbies. But it also poses its own challenges. 

Staying focused, having a solid internet connection, being hunched over your laptop for long periods, and distractions are all things we’ve probably had to battle at some point over the past couple of years. Fortunately, there are gadgets that help ease and improve our experience as we work from home. 

Here are some handy gadgets that can help you stay focused, improve your setup, and boost your productivity.



TP-Link Dual Band Wireless Wi-Fi Range Extender

There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to do your work but the WiFi keeps cutting out or interrupting your Zoom calls due to a poor connection. Create stronger connections throughout your home with this plug-in Wi-Fi extender. 

Buy it now for S$34.50 


Windows 365 Cloud PC

Accidents happen, and securing your files to the cloud is a safe way to protect your important files and documents. It can also save you storage space on your computer and provide more convenient access from other devices. 

Buy it now for S$40.52 per month

TP-Link Archer Ax10 Wireless Router

This router features a Triple-Core CPU and Next-Gen Wi-Fi 6, delivering a noticeably enormous boost in speed, and increased capacity on how many devices can link to the Wi-Fi without poor connection. Get set up in just minutes with the Tether app, 

Buy it now for S$94 (U.P. S$99)

LifeCam Cinema

For many people, working from home means sacrificing professionalism, especially if you have poor-quality video. Avoid this situation with a webcam that provides better quality video than your laptop's built-in camera. 

Buy it now for S$100

Squirrey Electric Height Adjustable Desk

There’s nothing worse than spending all day sitting at a desk staring at a computer screen. There’s been scientific research on how this affects our growth long term. Improve your posture by dedicating some time in your day standing, which you can do with this electronic standing desk. Switch up the heights throughout the day when you notice you’re slouching.

Buy it now for S$269.90 (U.P. S$350) 


View everything at once and make your day much more productive with this ultra-wide screen. You get 33% extra screen surface, which gives you space to work on multiple documents at once, or share your screen during calls and see everything that’s going on. 

Buy it now for S$199 (U.P. S$369)

Surface Precision Mouse

If you’re working on multiple documents or Excel spreadsheets, there’s nothing more tedious than going back and forth to navigate between tabs or cells. Make this a smooth experience with a compact Bluetooth mouse that you can pack away and connect without wires quickly.

Buy it now for S$150 

Logitech MX Key Bluetooth Illuminated Keyboard

With a dual layout for macOS and Windows, this keyboard can easily connect to the device you're working from. It also allows you to set your laptop screen further from your eyes to prevent strain. It’s charged through a USB-C cable and lasts ten days per full charge. 

Buy it now for S$169 (U.P. S$199)


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