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2018 iPhone lineup: What can you expect tonight?

By Cookie Monster - 12 Sep 2018

Apple Pencil Support and new USB-C charger

7.) Apple Pencil compatibility with the iPhone?

The Apple Pencil.

While Apple's late founder Steve Jobs famously hated the idea of a stylus for the iPhone, it seems that the stylus or Apple Pencil may have somehow found its way onto the drawing board for the 2018 iPhone lineup. 

One of the earliest reports emerged in October 2017 from The Investor where it cited information from sources that Apple engineers had been working on a new iPhone model that has a stylus. The rumor of Apple Pencil support coming to the iPhone picked up pace earlier this year when former KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who is widely respected for his accurate predictions on Apple's products, claimed that the iPhone would eventually support the Apple Pencil.

TrendForce recently claimed in its report that the 2018 iPhone lineup would support Apple Pencil although the real screen estate on the iPhones could limit its functionality to just taking notes and making annotations. Economic Daily News backed the claim up by stating that the 6.5-inch and 5.8-inch OLED iPhones will be compatible with the Apple Pencil. With Apple reportedly developing a new Apple Pencil for release this year, it is likely that the company will add support for it to the iPhone. 

Our thoughts - Unless the new Apple Pencil comes in a smaller form factor, it is very unlikely we'll see an Apple Pencil built-in with the iPhone. If that doesn't pan out, perhaps the phones will just offer Apple Pencil support.


8. ) New USB-C charger?

Purported render of Apple's new 18W USB-C power adapter. <br>Image source: ChargerLab

One of the biggest criticisms against Apple is the bundling of the 5W charger for the past few years since Apple increased the screen size and battery capacity of the iPhone. The 5W charger takes a longer time to charge the iPhones while Android flagship phones come with fast charging power adapters out of the box. This might finally change this year with the 2018 iPhone lineup. 

The first rumor surfaced in May from an unverified source on Weibo claiming that the upcoming iPhone models will ship with a redesigned 18W power adapter and an USB-C to Lightning cable. Days later, ChargerLab obtained purported renders of the 18W USB-C power adapter from sources in the production line. The renders reveal a smaller 18W USB-C power adapter when compared to Apple's existing USB-C power adapters. 

DigiTimes claimed in June that Apple will ditch the Lightning port and adopt the USB Type-C for the iPhone in 2019, which supports the earlier rumors of the new 18W USB-C power adapter.

In July, Japanese blog Macotakara reported that the USB-C power adapter could be exclusive to the 2018 iPhone lineup at launch, and might not be available for purchase as an optional accessory for customers. The same site followed up with another report a few weeks later claiming that the 2018 iPhones will only support fast charging from certified chargers that meet the USB Type-C authentication standard.

Kuo claimed in his latest research note that the USB-C power adapter is destined for the upcoming iPad Pros, not the new iPhones. This is corroborated by the purported retail box stickers of the iPhone which reveal that it is still shipping with the 5W power adapter and USB to Lightning cable.

Our thoughts - It's long overdue for Apple to bundle a better charger for the iPhone. 

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