13 of the best deals on sleep trackers, sleeping aids, and bedding

By Sofianna Ng - 17 Mar 2023

13 of the best deals on sleep trackers, sleeping aids, and bedding

Happy World Sleep Day, an annual event celebrated on the third Friday of March to promote the importance of quality sleep for overall health and wellness. This year, it falls on 17 March 2023. 

If you've been struggling with sleep, don't worry! Check out our deals for some fantastic online promotions that can help you achieve a more restful night's sleep. From the latest sleeping aids and sleep trackers, to the most comfy bedding deals, here are our picks to help you start snoozing soundly.

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Masks & Gadgets

Fitbit Charge 5 Advanced Fitness & Health Tracker

With advanced features such as heart rate tracking, stress management, and a built-in GPS, the Fitbit Charge 5 is a popular fitness tracker. But did you know it also has an impressive sleep monitor function? It allows you to track your sleep patterns and identify areas for improvement. 

By providing detailed insights into your sleep quality, including your REM and deep sleep stages, the Fitbit 5 is able to offer personalised recommendations to help you get a better night's rest. 

Buy it now for S$160.50 (U.P. S$238)


Apple Watch Series 8

If you're an Apple fan, you should check out this Apple Watch Series 8. It offers comprehensive health and sleep monitoring features, including heart rate tracking, activity tracking, and sleep tracking, which provides detailed insights into your sleep quality and patterns.  

Buy it now for S$583 (U.P. S$649)


MusicCozy Bluetooth Eye Mask with Sleep Headphones

This Bluetooth Eyemask with Sleep Headphones is perfect for those who have trouble falling asleep. It features Bluetooth connectivity, soft memory foam, built-in speakers and noise-cancelling capabilities for a comfortable and relaxing experience, whether you prefer sleeping in silence or listening to your own soothing playlist.

Buy it now for S$26.99 (U.P. S$32.99)


3D Contoured Sleep Mask

Designed to completely block out light, this 3D contoured sleep mask features an adjustable strap for a comfortable fit. Made from soft, breathable materials, it's perfect for home or travel.  

Buy it now for S$20.49 (U.P. S$24.90)


Chill Pill Sleeping Aid

Fall asleep by simply holding this device in your hands! Thanks to breakthrough technology featuring pressure point stimulation that tells your nervous system to relax, not only will you sleep easier, but you'll also reduce stress and enjoy better sleep quality. 

Buy it now for S$21.36 (U.P. S$56.14)


Brilnurse White Noise Sound Machine

This White Noise Sound Machine helps create a soothing and relaxing environment with different sound options, ranging from white noise and to ocean sounds. It also has an auto-off timer, adjustable volume, and is portable, making it perfect for travel. 

Buy it now for S$39.99 (U.P. S$59.99)

Supplements & Tea

OLLY Extra Strength Sleep Gummy, 60 count

OLLY Extra Strength Sleep Gummy is a chewable that helps you sleep better. With its powerful blend of Melatonin, L-Theanine, and botanicals like chamomile and passionflower, it can help you fall asleep faster and wake up feeling refreshed. Comes in a delicious blackberry flavour.

Buy it now for S$19.97 (U.P. S$26.24)


Nelsons Rescue Remedy Night Dropper, 10ml

Nelsons Rescue Remedy is a natural and safe solution that helps you unwind and sleep better by easing feelings of stress and anxiety. Its unique blend of flower essences has been trusted for over 80 years and can be easily administered with its convenient dropper.  

Buy it now for S$26.81 (U.P. S$33.90) 


Pukka Organic Night Time Herbal Tea, 20 bags

Get a good night's sleep with Pukka's Organic Night Time tea. Made with soothing herbs like chamomile and lavender, this tea promotes relaxation and calmness before bed. The tea is also organic and comes in biodegradable packaging, making it a sustainable choice.

Buy it now for S$8.42 (U.P. S$10)




puredown® Premium Goose Feather Luxury Pillow Set

Indulge in the ultimate comfort with puredown's Premium Goose Feather Pillow Set. Its 100% cotton cover and supportive filling of 95% goose feather and 5% goose down guarantee a luxurious sleep experience. It is also hypoallergenic, durable and easy-to-maintain.

Buy it now for S$71.99 (U.P. S$119.99)

Robinsons' Hotel Collection Royale 1000TC Embroidered Bed Set

Upgrade your sleep experience with high-quality bedding. This Robinsons' Hotel Collection Royale bed set is made with luxurious 1,000 thread count cotton and features elegant embroidery. These sheets offer both comfort and style while ensuring a good night's rest.

Buy it now for S$149.99 (U.P. S$249.99)


Epitex 100% Pure Cotton Printed Bedsheets

Epitex's 980TC 100% pure cotton printed bedsheets provides luxurious softness, durability, and breathability while you sleep. It's snug fit means you won't get tangled in sheets as you toss and turn.

Buy it now for S$79 (U.P. S$159)


Serta ThermaGel Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Experience a cooler and more comfortable sleep with the Serta ThermaGel Memory Foam Mattress Topper. Its ThermaGel technology regulates temperature while the memory foam conforms to your body, reducing pressure points and providing better lumbar support.

Buy it now for S$148.35 (U.P. S$165.87)


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