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Here are 12 of the best and worst Star Wars games ever made

By Tim Augustin - 4 May 2021

The 6 worst Star Wars games of all time (and a dishonourable mention)


6. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II

I’m putting this game a little lower on the list purely because it does one thing right, and one thing only: making you feel like an all-powerful Jedi. I’m sorry, but other than that, this game is garbage. You play as a clone of Starkiller, Darth Vader’s apprentice, who died in the previous game. Sam Witwer doesn’t do the best job here as Starkiller - but hey, he went on to play Deacon in Days Gone this year, and I enjoyed that much more than this sorry fare. 

Unfortunately, its gorgeous graphics (at the time) can’t make up for its awfully written story, repetitive combat and quicktime event-filled gameplay. This game improves on virtually nothing from its predecessor, with a story that is disappointing on every level. Hey, at least it’s not canon anymore. 


5. Star Wars: Super Bombad Racing

If I were asked to describe Star Wars, I probably wouldn’t say ‘cute’. This Mario Kart rip-off is an absolute disgrace, and doesn’t even fit in well as a Star Wars game. Who on earth asked for a Star Wars racing game where we play as a bunch of silly bobbleheads? It didn’t even do kart racing right - doing nothing to further the genre with boring gameplay and badly designed courses. Nothing about this Star Wars game is unique. Even just as a racing game, why would you play this over Crash Team Racing, which came out two entire years prior?


4. Star Wars: Flight of the Falcon

Cool title, bad game. Of the many, many Star Wars games where you get to fly a spaceship, I would recommend this one last. This game flat out controls badly, with overly long and repetitive levels. It kind of plays like a poor man’s Star Fox - though that character is probably more well-known as a Super Smash Bros. character these days, than the star of his own series of games. It was a bad, bad idea to make a fully 3D game like this on the Game Boy Advance. Seeing all those 3D graphics chugging along is enough to make a person puke. 


3. Star Wars: Obi-Wan

You’d think an Obi-Wan Kenobi game would be a no-brainer. He practically carried the prequels on his back! Unfortunately, there’s no saving this game. I mean, where do I start? The horrifyingly bad voice acting? The almost impossible final boss battle? The bad controls? The boring levels? No, steer clear of this game. There are plenty of better games to play for good lightsaber combat than this mess. If you’re hankering for more Obi-Wan, just be patient - he’s getting a TV show soon!


2. Star Wars: Masters of Teräs Käsi

A Star Wars fighting game isn’t exactly a bad idea - remember Darth Vader popping up in Soulcalibur IV? This Star Wars fighting game, however, is garbage. It’s not even the fun kind of garbage, like Force Unleashed II. This is just bad, with a horribly written story and poor gameplay. A hopelessly unbalanced roster where anyone with a lightsaber was immediately more powerful than anyone else is the real kicker. Where’s the fun in that? This is a game destined to be forgotten - the fighting game that could’ve been great, but ended up sadly mediocre. 


1. Kinect Star Wars

This is it. The worst Star Wars game of all time. In a twisted kind of way, it’s actually a pretty impressive achievement that LucasArts managed to produce something this bad. First off, the game was fully dependent on the Xbox 360’s Kinect peripheral - a motion controller, essentially. The Kinect didn’t quite take off, but it would have at least been remembered if Kinect Star Wars turned out as advertised. 

In one particularly misleading ad, players were told that they could literally wield a lightsaber in their hands. They could push away enemies with the force, just by gesturing with the kinect! They could control rancors and destroy stuff! They could go podracing! Well, they did get all that stuff technically, but they also got poor controls, lacklustre gameplay and weak writing. This isn’t even good as a party game. The only reason we even talk about this game anymore is because of the now-infamous Han Solo song - which I think is pretty good, actually. 


Dishonourable mention: 

Star Wars: Battlefront II (2017)

Yes, there are two Star Wars Battlefront IIs. This is the 2017 game, developed by DICE and published by Electronic Arts. There’s a reason this isn’t with the rest of the stinkers above, and that’s because it’s actually good now. DICE has painstakingly added tons of new features, heroes, villains, maps and game modes since release, making a case for it being one of the better ‘live service’ games of recent years. 

Unfortunately, no amount of good will will ever make people forget how horribly this game was monetised at launch. People had to PAY to play iconic characters like Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker - or grind, grind, grind until they had enough credits to unlock them. How can we forget when an EA Community Team member jumped to the game’s defense on Reddit - only for their comment to become the most downvoted comment in Reddit history? Over 660,000 downvotes on a single comment. Star Wars Battlefront II might’ve redeemed itself in the end - but its controversies remain as a stain on EA’s involvement with the franchise.

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