Deal Alert: The one, and only 11.11 Singles’ Day Taobao and Tmall shopping sensation (Updated)

By Wong Chung Wee - 11 Nov 2019

Deal Alert: The one, and only 11.11 Singles’ Day Taobao and Tmall shopping sensation

No partner? Nevermind, got good deals, can already!

Update: This article was first published on 5th November 2019, and it has been updated with information pertaining to discounted retail prices for various items.

If you are like me, the clueless frog living under a rock, Singles’ Day is happening on 11th November 2019. In the run-up to this holiday, where singlehood is celebrated with great shopping deals on Tmall and Taobao, part of Alibaba’s 11.11 Global Shopping Festival first conceived in 2009. Here are some shopping hacks to maximise your singlehood retail experience.


Tmall shopping hacks for 11.11 (starts from 1st to 10th November 2019)

  • Collect Tmall shopping coupons (天猫购物津贴)

Don't wait until 11th November to add items to your cart. From 1st November 2019, you can start loading your cart with 11.11 deals, and collecting shopping coupons that give you RMB50 (~S$9.65) off every RMB 400 (~ S$77.20) spent, for smoother check out on sale day! Discount stackable with hongbaos and promotional code.

  • Snatch Mega hongbaos up to RMB111 (~ S$21.45)

Get ready at 11am daily to snatch Hongbaos, worth up to RMB111 (~ S$21.45) on the main 11.11 campaign page! Limited quantities for the fastest fingers only!

  • Grab RMB20 Shipping Hongbao (worth ~ S$3.90)

Stocking up during the biggest sale of the year? Don’t forget to grab the RMB20 (~ S$3.90) shipping hongbao to offset your shipping fee later! Applicable to official air and sea shipping only.

  • 11.11 Countdown Gala on Starhub TV

For the first time, the 11.11 Countdown Gala, a star-studded live show that runs in the hours leading up to the 11.11 Global Shopping Festival, will be broadcasted on Hub E City (Starhub TV Channel 111/825) on 10th November 2019 at 8pm. Remember to have your Taobao app ready while watching the Gala to participate in the activities, and for a chance grab deals as low as RMB1 (~S$0.20)!

  • Taobao Store @ Funan

Been planning to see for yourself the first physical Taobao Store in Southeast Asia, which was launched at Funan in September? Take the opportunity of 11.11 to do that! Visit the Taobao Store to check out a selection of Taobao products curated for Singapore shoppers, as well as search for mystery eggs, and scan the QR codes hidden inside the mystery eggs with the Taobao app for a surprise! Also get up to 70% off in-store products! The store is open till midnight on 11th November 2019!

  • Giveaways worth up to RMB6,000

Follow Taobao's social media channel on Facebook to win extra perks! Facebook:


11.11 Promotions to maximize your savings

  1. Taobao Cross Shop RMB20 (~S$3.90) off every RMB200 (~S$38.60) spend (淘宝跨店满减)
    Enjoy RMB20 (~S$3.90) off every RMB200 (~S$38.60) spent & RMB50 (~S$9.65) off every RMB1,000 (~S$193) spent on 11th November! Applicable to participating Taobao shops. Discount stackable with hongbaos and promotional code.
  2. Tmall Shopping Coupons (天猫购物津贴)
    Remember the Tmall shopping coupons you collected? Now they come in handy! Enjoy RMB50 (~S$9.65) off every RMB400 (~S$77.20) spent, with no cap on participating products! Discount stackable with hongbaos and promotional code.
  3. Credit card payment offer
    Get S$10 off when you pay with any Singapore credit card with a minimum spend of S$100. The 3% service fee will also be waived for all credit card transactions during our 11.11 Sale. Enjoy additional discounts when you use UOB or Maybank credit cards.
    *Promotion starts on 11th November, 00:11.
  4. Flash deals as low as RMB11 (~S$2.15)
    Flash deals as low as RMB11 (~S$2.15) is back by popular demand on 11th November! Camp in-app at midnight, 9AM, 12PM, 3PM, 6PM and 9PM on 11th November to snatch local favourites like Mala Xiaolongxia Crayfish, and more!
  5. Free shipping to Singapore (Tmall Signature Store)
    Save big on shipping with 1,000+ free shipping deals in Tmall Signature Store. Get the products you’ve been eyeing on shipped to your doorstep for FREE!
  6. New users promotional code
    Enter code SGP20 to enjoy RMB20 (~S$3.90) off with minimum spend of RMB21 (~S$4.05). Applicable to your first order in-app only and a Singapore address must be used at check out. Valid till 11.11.2019. *Other T&Cs apply.
  7. Promotional codes for existing Taobao user
    Hardcore Taobao fans? Look out for promo codes on Taobao's social media channel! Don’t forget to participate in our giveaways and win more prizes.
    For more details on the 11.11 Global Shopping Festival, head over here!


On with the show!

After going through the rigours of prepping for the sale, here are some special deals that you should check out! From a reading aid robot, mobile gaming accessories for mobile PUBG fans, to smart home devices, there’s something for everyone; singles and non-singles alike.


1) L-mix P12 Portable Movie Projector

This portable full HD 1080p projector operates on Android and its 10W LED bulb offers brightness that ranges from 1,500- to 2,000 lumens. There are two colours, i.e., red or black to choose from, as well as two SKUs for each colour. The flagship SKU costs RMB2,619 (~S$505.35) and the mainstream SKU costs RMB2,499 (~S$482.20).

The discounted prices are RMB1,589 (~S$308.95) for the flagship SKU and the mainstream SKU costs RMB1,469 (~S$285.60) now.

Check out the L-mix P12 Portable Movie Projector here.


2) Hanvon A20T Bilingual Online Translation Dictionary Pen

This pen is ideal for folks who are learning new languages. The pen supports up to eight languages and provides translation services. It’s simple to operate; just hold the pen and scan the printed literature for translation. The Hanvon A20T has 16GB of onboard memory; there are two SKUs, i.e., one supports scanning and handwriting inputs that costs RMB1,380 (~S$266.30), the other supports scanning, handwriting and audio inputs, and costs more at RMB1,699 (~S$327.85).

The Hanvon A20T now costs RMB1,259 (~S$244.80) for the one that supports scanning and handwriting inputs, while the other, which supports scanning, handwriting and audio inputs, is selling at a discounted price of RMB1,550 (~S$301.35).

Check out the Hanvon A20T Bilingual Online Translation Dictionary Pen here.


3) Shinecon G07E Virtual Reality Headset for Smart Phones

This is the 9th-gen VR G70E virtual reality headset for mobile phones from Shinecon. The actual brand name translates to roughly “magic mirror with a thousand illusion effects”, so I guess the wearer should be in for a wild VR adventure once he has paired his smartphone with the G70E headset. Prices start from RMB456 (~S$88) for the basic kit that comprises the headset, charging cable, and a Bluetooth controller. The most baller package consists of the headset with its accompanying accessories, and an AR gaming kit that includes a bow and gun. All for RMB996 (~S$192.20). There are 6 gift packages to choose from, each offering different gift bundles.

Discounted prices now start from RMB148 (~S$28.80) for the basic kit, and the baller package is selling at a discounted price of RMB418 (~S$81.30).

Check out the Shinecon G07E Virtual Reality Headset for Smart Phones here.


4) Tmall Sugar Cube R AI Voice Control Smart Speaker

This Bluetooth 4.2 smart speaker can be described as Alibaba’s answer to the Google Home Mini. Its Chinese brand name translates to “sugar cube R”. The Tmall Sugar Cube R smart speaker is powered by AliGenie, the open-platform personal assistant that’s developed by Alibaba Group. According to its online specifications, it only supports Mandarin. It comes in three bright neon colours of red, yellow, or white. Prices start from RMB199 (~S$38.40) for the speaker alone, to RMB268 (~S$51.75), for the speakers and an accompanying infra-red controller.

The discounted prices start from RMB79 (~S$15.40) for the speaker alone, to RMB124 (~S$24.15), for the speakers and an accompanying infra-red controller.

Check out the Tmall Sugar Cube R AI Voice Control Smart Speaker here.


5) Morphy Richards MR3936 Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

This portable handheld vacuum cleaner from UK-based manufacturer Morphy Richards isn’t as well-known as its other English counterpart; however, the Morphy Richard vacuum cleaner is also marketed as being able to “purify” the air in your car as it sucks up offending dust bunnies and other debris. It’s on sale for RMB899 (~S$173.50).


Check out the Morphy Richards MR3936 Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner here.


6) Sensology CBS30DBC Rechargeable Weighing Scale

Over the rolling hills and far away, this weighing scale is developed by China-based Shanshui Conservation Centre. It is Bluetooth-enabled and can wirelessly transfer health data like body fat, body density and basal metabolism to connected devices. It comes in two SKUs, i.e., one that’s battery-operated, and the other that’s designed with a built-in battery, chargeable via USB. The battery-operated one costs from RMB156 to RMB156.60 to (~S$30.10 to ~S$30.25) and the one with built-in battery costs from RMB176.20 to RMB176.40 to (~S$34.00 to ~S$34.05), depending on the colour choice.

The battery-operated scale is on sale from RMB58 (~S$11.30) and the the one with built-in battery is priced up to RMB63.20 (~S$12.30) during the sale!

Check out the Sensology CBS30DBC Rechargeable Weighing Scale here.


7) USB LED Reading Light by Sambada

This LED reading light is designed with a flexible metal cable that doubles up as a tether for the astronaut in space walk. The astronaut is a plastic housing for the LED that draws power from any USB-A port. This decorative reading light costs from RMB35 to RMB90 (~S$5.80 to ~S$17.40). The basic package consists of a lone reading light, while the most expensive one comprises the reading light, a wall plug (Type A), and a gift box.

This decorative LED reading light is going for RMB12.30 (~S$2.40) to RMB27.80 (~S$5.40) now.

Check out the USB Reading Light by Sambada here.


8) Gaming Controller Grip for Mobile Phones (贝贝佳神器2)

This mobile gaming accessory is branded as a 2nd-gen “heavenly artefact” for PUBG mobile gaming diehards. These grips are supposedly able to improve gaming experience without obstructing the gamer’s view. They claim to have some pressure-sensitive buttons that reduce “virtual recoil”, especially when there’s a need for an impossible snipe. It’s going for RMB128 (~S$24.70).

This mobile gaming accessory is selling at a heavily-discounted price of RMB21 (~S$4.10)

Check out the Gaming Controller Grip for Mobile Phones (贝贝佳神器2) here.


9) Smart Bathroom Mirror (羚兔ys8003)

This bathroom mirror’s brand name literally translates to “antelope rabbit”. It comes in a metal frame with different diameters that range from 50- to 80cm, in increments of 10cm. Its price ranges from RMB518 to RMB958 (~S$99.95 to ~S$184.85), this applies to the range without “smart features”. For the range with smart features, and other design features, i.e., touch-enabled, temperature readouts, anti-fog, and Bluetooth connectivity, the price ranges from RMB1,258 to RMB1,718 (~S$242.75 to ~S$331.50).

The discounted prices for the Smart Bathroom Mirror (羚兔ys8003) start from RMB161 (~S$31.30) to RMB800 (~S$155.60).

Check out the Smart Bathroom Mirror (羚兔ys8003) here.


10) K9 Early Education Smart Companion by 米蛋

According to its specifications, this early education learning aid is powered by an AI-driven processor. It has 16GB of memory, with expandable memory up to 64GB, whose format isn’t specified. The device draws power from a 5,000mAh battery. The visor of the 30cm tall robot houses a touch-enabled IPS screen with 1,024- by 600-pixel resolution. There are three SKUs for this learning aid. The most expensive one costs RMB2,999 (~S$578.70) and it’s powered by an 8-core AI-driven processor, 2GB RAM, with augmented reality capabilities.

Check out the K9 Early Education Smart Companion by 米蛋 here.


Editor's note and disclaimer: The deals are not an endorsement or recommendation of the product from the editorial team. Instead, the listed items present themselves as a good deal based on the novelty factor and how much of a discount it is being offered from standard retail pricing at the time of publishing. Please note that we are not responsible in any way if you're unable to secure the listed offer due to errors on our part or should the offers expire by the time you've checked them.

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