Weekend Drives: Porsche Macan - Test driving Porsche's best-seller

By Kenny Yeo - on 24 Mar 2018, 3:46pm

The  Macan Turbo with Performance Package is the new flagship of the range. (Image credit: Porsche Asia Pacific)

Think Porsche and you are probably thinking of the 911. But the 911 isn’t Porsche’s best-selling model. Porsche’s bestseller is actually the little Macan.

The Macan was introduced in 2014 to address customers’ desire for a more compact SUV and also a more affordable Porsche. Compact SUVs are all the rage these days and this, coupled with the desirable Porsche badge, makes for a potent cocktail that well-heeled individuals and families cannot resist.

To find out if the Macan is as good as it is popular, I spent a weekend with the newest Macan Turbo with Performance Package. A mouthful, yes, and therefore shall be referred simply as the Macan Turbo PP from here on.

The engine now produces 434hp and 600nm of torque, enough to catapult the car from a standstill to 100km/h in 4.4 seconds.

Why the Macan Turbo PP isn’t simply called the Macan Turbo S puzzles me, but the important thing here is that you get a couple of nice upgrades with the Performance Package. A significant power bump aside, you also get larger 21-inch wheels, beefier steel brakes (ceramic brakes are still an optional equipment), and a 15mm lower ride height.

Power still comes from a 3.6-liter twin-turbocharged V6, but the Macan Turbo PP sees power and torque outputs increase from 395hp to 434hp and 550nm to 600nm respectively. As a result, the 0-100km/h timing has been reduced from 4.8 seconds to 4.4 seconds, while top speed has been increased from 266km/h to 272km/h.

With the accelerator smashed to the floor, the Macan Turbo PP will easily outrun almost every other compact SUV on the market today and even give 911 owners a bit of the scare. It's not just quick for an SUV, it is quick, period.

The Macan Turbo PP handles exceptionally well for a car of its size and height.

But what’s more amazing than its straight-line speed is the way it steers and handles corners. It’s no Boxster, but the way the Macan Turbo PP cuts through corners belies its size and the fact that it is, after all, still a fairly high-riding SUV.

The dashboard is modern and functional. The center console, however, is a button fest. (Image source: Porsche Asia Pacific)

The interior is typical Porsche fare, which is to say that it is a very nice place to be in. However, it is not as big as one might imagine. Rear leg and headroom are decent, but you’d expect a more spacious interior especially since the Macan is only really compact in name and is actually quite a large car. On the flip side, the boot is large enough for daily groceries, bags, and whatnot. Plus, the rear seats fold easily to increase boot space.

If you got deep enough pockets, the new Macan Turbo PP is easily one of the best luxury compact SUVs you can buy.

I never quite understood the appeal of SUVs. You certainly don't need all-wheel drive or high ground clearance to get around in Singapore. And if you need more practicality, I think a 7-seater MPV or an estate car makes more sense. Nevertheless, after a weekend with the Macan Turbo PP, I can appreciate the appeal of the Macan. The Porsche badge aside, the Macan is simply just a really fun and pleasant car to drive and practical enough for just about any scenario.

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