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The Truth Behind the Rise of Internet Videos
By Aloysius Low - on 23 Feb 2010, 3:17pm

With the recent debate behind HTML5 codecs (open source, or not open source, that is the question) for the browsers and the availability of Adobe Flash video everywhere, it's time to take a pause, and reflect on the real reason why Internet video existed in the first place. While many have been quick to allude to porn as being the main contributor behind the rise of videos, I'd like to point out the real reason behind the rise of YouTube and Internet videos.

No, it's not a rickroll, or any other meme or prank that you can think of. Heck it's not even the videos of hot twins strumming a guitar and singing, it has something to do with the fundamental nature of reality.


Not just your average laze-around-basking-in-the-sun feline, but the ultra cute variety that makes your brain melt into a pile of goo, turning the female next to you into a gushing fountain of "Sooooooooooo cuteeeeeeeeeeee!" Don't believe me? Here's one example:

Of course, cuteness isn't going to win the day, you'll need to toss in a few other tricks. How about a fat cat that does nothing but slide into boxes? Or talking cats? Or cats that play you off on a keyboard? Yeap, the Internet has got that covered too. The proof is in the tuna, so if you don't believe me, just type in cat and YouTube into Google and get ready to worship your feline overlords. Because, that's really the plan you see. Cats have been working behind the scenes to make us humans obedient with just a tilt of their heads or a flick of their tails and trust me, you will be obedient. It's just a matter of time and purr.

Dogs, who have long been seen as the cat's closest competitor, have yet to take advantage of the Web 2.0 technology. The true competiton to cats however are birds, who invented this "social media" thingy called Twitter. The secret animal war has begun friends, and we must be vigilant!

Aloysius Low

Aloysius Low / Former Tech Writer

Tech writer, gadget nerd, cat owner and social media junkie, Aloysius loves exploring the wacky side of tech, while tackling his notebook reviews.