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By Vijay Anand - on 31 May 2010, 2:22am

Well, there's always new hardware, isn't it? But there's nothing like Computex to set things in motion for the second half of the year. Yes folks, it's the time of the year again where HardwareZone and HWM are racing to embrace the event heavy month of June with PC Show, CommunicAsia and of course before either of them is Computex. The team is already here in Taipei, Taiwan and is gearing up to bring you the latest scoops from the various vendors at the Computex show floor and at highlight events from 1st June to 5th June. In fact, you'll hear from us with some cool stuff even before the official start of the show, so stay tuned for those updates.

We're at the fourth floor of Nangang exhibition halls in Taipei - the biggest expo halls of any in this city. Here's a little sneak peek at the frantic work behind the scenes to get the show floor ready for the official opening of Computex on the 1st June. See any familiar names? 

Here's another shot of the ongoing elaborate booth construction for each vendor.

For the organizers of Computex, 2010 is a special year as it marks the 30th anniversary since the PC/IT-centric tradeshow started in 1981. While we do hope for an excellent show, the success of this year's show like every other year heavily lies with the vendors themselves to wow the industry with their very best in innovation and solutions to meet the ever changing industry.

So what can you expect from the show this year as enthusiasts eagerly awaiting to refresh your system with the latest and greatest? Off the top of my head, here's what you can expect to see over the next few days:-

  • Official launch of Intel's new K SKU processors, though it has just started retailing.
  • Intel's new Atom processors - a possible candidate of processors for new slate-like devices in the 'Wintel' marchitecture.
  • Roadmap updates to Sandy Bridge processors and new motherboard chipsets to support the new LGA1155 socket requirements. Expect X68, P67, H67 and more chipsets with loads of motherboards from all vendors showing off designs for them.
  • Lots of e-book readers and slate-like devices to give the iPad some tough competition.
  • NVIDIA's Next Generation Ion based solutions and that of Tegra 2.
  • A whole range of mid and low-end graphics cards based on NVIDIA's Fermi architecture. The GTX 465 is just one of them.
  • 'Greener' PSUs, cooling systems and more.
  • AMD's notebook platform refresh.
  • SSD drives using next generation performance controllers and higher capacities.
  • 3D-ready Notebooks and AIO systems.

While there's definitely a lot more to be expected than just those listed above, I think I've mentioned enough for now. But before I wrap up, to whet your appetite, here's a couple of boards sighted bearing the new Intel P67 and H67 chipsets, designed for the upcoming Sandy Bridge class of processors.

Meet the first Intel P67 based motherboard we sighted. Using an 8-phase power design, we hope this finally brings native USB 3.0 in addition to the earlier SATA 6Gbps standard. We also noted very high speed DDR3 memory support and eSATA2 being supported. More info will be revealed in the next few days.

This is the face of new mainstream motherboards with the H67 chipset supporting newer Sandy Bridge class processors with integrated graphics.

While this has nothing to do with Intel H67/P67 chipsets, this is one interesting expansion option that works only with the ASUS Rampage III Extreme (X58) mobo at the moment. Dubbed the ROG Xpander, this add-on card enables true 4-way SLI with the help of dual NVIDIA NF200 SLI bridge chips. Beware though, no normal casing can accommodate this beast and the cards sitting above it. Best run without a casing.

And last but not least, the other reason why I trailed off my blog title with "Hardware…" is because of developments with the HardwareZone portal. As you would have known by now, for the last three months, the Singapore portal of HardwareZone has been running on our brand new revamped site. Some of you may or may not have experienced some of the unpleasant but unexpected service interruptions of the new site, but we're glad that most of the bugs have been worked out and we're ready to shed off the old skin at to take on our new revamped site outlook in this week of June.

This revamp is far more than just slight design and color change - it is in fact a complete build-up from ground zero. Although it may not seem like the case, there are significant changes in the way it works. To the end-users like you, we've made as little change as possible for quick reorientation. We'll soon be highlighting the full set of feature changes in a special article to help you better use the site. Also rest assure that we're hearing your feedback for additional feature requests and functionality which will be addressed in due time after proper testing.

Here's to a better user experience at HardwareZone and for better hardware and technological leaps in this Computex 2010. Stay tuned for more updates and enjoy the show!

Vijay Anand

Vijay Anand / Editor-in-Chief

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