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Haters Gonna Hate
By Alvin Soon - on 13 Aug 2010, 11:47am

Apple truly is a magical company. I don't mean that in the sense that they make magical products, but that every time they release one, as sure as clockwork you'll find haters crawling out of the woodwork to slam them. Latest poster-child in point: iPhone 4.

Does the iPhone 4 have faults? Sure. But historians will remember that it isn't the only one. The original iPhone was slammed for not having a physical keyboard. The iPhone 3G was criticized for having a scratchable plastic back, and the 3GS had low battery life. iPhone 5 is certainly going to be criticized for something, as are 6, 7 and 8, for the simple fact that nothing is perfect (except for chocolate, and even that makes you fat), but somehow people demand nothing less than perfection from Apple.

It's great to hold a company to such high standards, but it's hard to imagine similar hype in the media over any other mobile phone's problems. And problems abound, as Apple insists on aggressively proving through its growing video demos of phones with antenna issues (which have since been mysteriously pulled). But perhaps the more aggressive PR move is Apple's reveal of its previously-secret, hundred million dollar antenna testing chambers.

Is it possible, after viewing these immense design and test labs, with 18 PhD scientists and engineers on staff, to give Apple the benefit of the doubt on their expertise with the antenna over, say, media analysts? Is it possible to lend credence also to the reports of people who don't actually experience signal problems with the iPhone 4? Is that maybe why we haven't seen a much larger fallout as you'd expect with over three million iPhone 4s sold in three weeks? Is it possible that the amount of press this has been getting is simply – gasp – sensationalism?

Nay! the haters cry. But haters gonna hate. Microsoft haters hate Microsoft. Creative haters hate Creative. Apple haters hate Apple. It's like a circle of life. After the official Apple news conference, the haters have shifted from crowing about the antenna to crowing about how Apple has handled the whole affair. Legions of pundits are furious that the almighty Steve himself didn't get on his knees and beg for forgiveness. It just never ends.

To the Apple haters, let me extend an olive branch: It's just a phone. If you don't like it, don't buy it. Nobody's shooting anybody for not buying one, volcanoes won't explode, dogs and cats won't be living together. Imagine all the people, living life in peace. Chill out, relax, enjoy the weekend. And not hating yet another Apple article.

Alvin Soon

Alvin Soon / Deputy Editor

I like coffee and cameras, but not together.