Happy 51st birthday Singapore and 18th birthday HardwareZone!

By Vijay Anand - on 09 Aug 2016, 4:45pm

Here's a bit of trivia.
Did you know that HardwareZone shares the same birthday as Singapore?

A little more than 18 years ago, we were once known as the Singapore Overclockers Group (SOG), set up by Jackie Lee. It was soon reorganized and re-launched as Singapore Hardware Zone on 9th August 1998, which was then later renamed as just HardwareZone and the rest as they say, was history. Why did it start out as SOG and who were the folks behind the early days of HardwareZone? You'll find these answers and a lot more in my old article documenting the early days of HWZ.

Fast forwarding to current times, apart from a brand new GameAxis site with new forums, new content, what else did HardwareZone bring about this year for its readers and members? Quite a bucketful of upgrades actually. Here's the rundown:-

  • Trending content bar

After reading any content piece on the site, you might be curious to find out what else has interested readers most and so we implemented the content trending bar that picks up the most read stories within a 24-hour timeframe. Here's a sample of how it appears on the desktop/tablet browser:-


  • Gallery articles

Sometime late last year, we started working on more pictorial stories to observe reader interest in these lighter stories. The trend was positive and so we developed a gallery content type to better consume such stories. We hope you enjoy them in addition to our long form reporting and reviews.


  • New HWZ Daily newsletter

What if you had no time to follow all the updates on our site and you would like to have a content newsletter mailed to you for easy follow-up? For years now, our Infotech daily newsletter has served this purpose, but to keep up with the times, we've given it a thorough refresh and it's now rebranded into the HWZ Daily newsletter. The new format and layout now fetches the most read content of the day, so that you get to keep tabs only what matters to the masses. Here's a sample of how it looks and if you aren't subcribed yet, do it here now!


  • Shopping @ HWZ

HardwareZone is a pioneer for armchair shopping in Singapore's tech scene. While we don't provide eCommerce options on HardwareZone directly, we do help you narrow down to where you should shop to get the best bang for your buck. To recap, these are some of the tools we've always had:-

  1. Price List Downloads: A compilation of price lists from popular tech shops at Sim Lim Square to trawl around and find prices for various products on your own.
  2. Price Guide: What if hopping in and out of price lists is a chore? We've our own service to take that burden off you. If you know what product you need a price for, you can narrow that down easily with our Price Guide, which aggregates pricing from across several Sim Lim Square shops and shows you who has the best offer. Just head down to this shop and conclude your purchase. Can't get any simpler than this. Here's a sample page to test this out.
  3. Buys of the week: Weekly offers provided by participating retailers and distributors who want to splash the newest offers for your consideration.

Joining this set of existing resources is our new initiative with PricePanda to bring you Shopping @ HWZ.

Choose from a wide variety of categories to check prices.

Here is a sample of a product's selling price across multiple online retailers.

This section helps you aggregate the best online offers from prominent online retailers like DealeXtreme, Lazada and more. Plus, the direct link to shop your preferred product. Now you don't have to hop between various eCommerce platforms - just tune in to Shopping @ HWZ for a true armchair shopping experience. You're Welcome.

  • New HardwareZone Forums Android app

We didn't forget our community and we finally soft-launched our new HardwareZone Forums Android app, the only official app you need.

The HardawareZone apps complement our mobile browser edition of the forums for improved handling and interaction with some handy app-enhanced features like bookmarking threads or forums you love to follow, posting photos from your phone and even a quick view of the newest topics posted across the various forum sections.

Download the respective HardwareZone Forum apps right here and be sure to stay informed with the latest buzz!

  • Our very first Community Lifestyle Awards!

HardwareZone and HWM are the industry leaders locally for delivering the most authoritative and in-depth tech content and we also run the most coveted awards event in South East Asia. If you missed out what took place at Tech Awards 2016, you can catch it over here.

This time round, we're adding a new awards event that's centred around our vast 650,000-member strong community in our forums. Just launched and running till 18th August, the HardwareZone Community Lifestyle Awards is a chance for our community to voice out which brands have done a good job or appeal to them most outside of the tech industry (which would be covered by our Tech Awards). You can expect to vote in categories like home appliances, fashion and grooming, banking matters and even travel!

So go on, join in and have your say and stand a chance to win some prizes too ;)

But wait, 2016 isn't over yet!

While that's a long list of new initiatives on HardwareZone, we're far from done. We still have big plans for the site and forum in the coming months within 2016 and we hope you stick around to enjoy our site and services.

Thank you and have a Happy National Day!

Vijay Anand

Vijay Anand / Editor-in-Chief

A pioneering contributor of since its inception in 1998, his keen interest in DIY computing has helped establish content standards in testing and reporting online, while his drive to share knowledge has laid the foundation of Social Media 1.0 in Singapore via the HWZ Forums. As site editor since 2005, he oversees all content production with the local team, supervises the regional teams and provides forum management insights to the large pool of contributors.

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