Googling Pac-Man

By Aloysius Low - on 22 May 2010, 8:27am

I remember playing Pac-Man on the PC - it probably wasn't the original port of the arcade game, but I think it was a clone that was pretty well done such that I couldn't tell the difference. Now, being the gamer of the family, I was supposed to be kicking ass at the game, but the person who continually broke the high scores wasn't me. It was my computer illiterate dad who, once he figured out which buttons to press, completely kicked the asses of my brother and I.

Google's doodle of the Pac-Man game does bring back some memories, and I figured why not give it a shot? Unfortunately, it would seem I've turned from a reasonably competent Pac-Man player from tons of practice to a completely inept and terrible player. It's probably almost impossible to die at level 1, but I've done it like five times now.


The Google doodle of Pac-Man's supposed to have 255 levels, and I was told that if I could reach 256, beer would be forthcoming.

So far, it's not looking likely.

On the other hand though, the Google doodle of Pac-Man gives me hope that there will be other classic games that may appear and nothing would please me more than a Donkey Kong or Space Invaders Google doodle. That would be awesome cake sauce on top of equally cool beans.

p.s. Pro tip: if you click insert coins twice, you can get the missus to play as Ms Pac-Man, red bow and all, using the WASD keys.

Aloysius Low

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