Google wants to build a helpful Google for everyone

By PY Ho - on 08 May 2019, 10:36am

In recent I/O events, Google has doubled down on AI. This year, Google is all about how to use the advancements achieved in AI and machine learning to build a better Google for everyone. In today’s keynote, Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, detailed the ways they are achieving this goal.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai

The first way is yielding results with better user experience, through relaying certain search results into 3D models, or enhancing Google Lens to visualize answers or suggestions, such as suggesting best menu items by just pointing the phone camera on a restaurant menu. Lens is also now available on Google Go, enabling users who have difficulty reading to better understand their environment.

Google has also enhanced Google Assistant to respond even faster and allow users to interact with it more naturally, as well as extending Duplex to auto-fill various forms such as booking a hotel or renting a car. They have also announced Nest Hub Max, a smart assistant device, as well as Pixel 3a, a new Pixel phone with a more affordable price point.

Google has also announced their deep learning models to reduce reinforcement of bias, as well as enhancing privacy and security in Android Q. They are also enabling users to auto-delete their usage history in various Google services. To overcome the dilemma of maintaining user privacy while still being able to improve deep learning models, Google implements federated learning, such that only training models, and not raw data, leave the user’s phone and uploaded into Google servers.

With AI, Google has created Live Caption and Live Relay. Live Captions can be embedded on live videos, while Live Relay can be used to sustain audio conversations even if either party has difficulty talking. Project Euphonia is a long-term project under Google’s AI for Social Good with the goal to enable people with speech problems or neuro-degenerative condition to communicate with the world.


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