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By Aloysius Low - on 15 Dec 2010, 1:29pm

Update: If you're getting alignment problems, you need three lines in your profile for the pictures to align. Otherwise they will show as out of sync for your friends. Anything over may require you to do a heck load more photo editing in Adobe Photoshop to fix.

Facebook recently redesigned the profile for its users, and there have been quite a few hacks to play around with the way pictures are now displayed. In fact, I got recently trolled with a "I Love Justin Bieber" row of pics. I have yet to switch to the new profile though, so visiting my own page to see how it looked like returned a mish-mash of unaligned pics. That said, I saw a hack earlier today that made me want to switch/upgrade.

As seen on

This was too good not to do, so I figured I may as well. I spotted another user with a DragonBall Z Kamehameha battle scene which meant I had to steal it for my profile. Actually figuring out how to crop and resize the photos however, is quite a pain, but someone was kind enough to hack up a quick Java program to do this. You can find it here if you're interested (with instructions).

If your image is too small for the program to work, you will need to resize it a little to fit the 693 x 154 pixels requirement. And if you do resize, might I humbly suggest using the reference image as an overlay so as to get the pictures cropped properly. Once done, upload to your Facebook account and voila, new awesome profile pic. Feel free to experiment and here's mine, for your viewing pleasure. You might also want to check out other awesome profiles over here.

My next plan will be to do a "long cat is long" Facebook profile...


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