Enough with the App Stores Already

By Vincent Chang - on 02 Mar 2010, 1:16pm

So it seems that Intel too is jumping into the App Store model. To entice more developers into writing apps for the netbook, the chip giant has even set up a million dollar kitty. Oh and there's a SDK ready, with both Windows and Moblin environments. These moves are straight out of the App Store textbook but the question is, do we really need another walled garden?

Consider this: in the mobile phone arena where the app store model is prevalent, there are increasingly signs of fragmentation. One can argue that cross-platform compatibility is not an issue here since one is tied to a mobile OS or phone vendor once it's purchased and having specific apps under one roof helps given the limitations of the phone. Popular apps usually get ported around by their developers anyway. However, for Windows apps, there has already been an 'App Store' for the longest time. 

It's called the internet. Developers write their programs to run on the platform; they can sell it via direct downloading with license keys, let users try for a limited period of time aka shareware or release them as freeware and rely on donations. As for looking for that required application, there's Google for your searches.

No doubt, it's useful to have applications that are customized for the netbook, taking in account its limitations, but an app store is going way overboard here.



Vincent Chang

Vincent Chang / Former Senior Tech Writer

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