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Confessions of an iPad Virgin - Part 1
By Vincent Chang - on 26 Jul 2010, 2:05pm

Unbelievable, isn't it? A tech writer who has never used the iPhone? Who does not even have an iPod touch? Given the longstanding mainstream media's fascination with all things Apple, it's certainly a minor miracle that I managed to stay free of the temptations offered by Steve Jobs & Co. I mean who could resist that balding head and oh-so-cool black turtleneck right?

Sadly, it's my turn to contribute to the media love/hate-fest with Apple and waste some of your kilobytes on Apple and its products. As everyone in Singapore probably knows by now, the iPad was launched locally last Friday and they are all gone now, or at least most of them. Like every place where it has been introduced, the iPad has flown off the shelves, with 3 million sold since its April U.S. debut.

Despite the scarcity, Apple Singapore sent us a review unit, a Wi-Fi 64GB version and thanks to my colleagues, I was deemed the blank slate without any prior experience which they needed to test the iPad (though I must say for the record that unlike a sequestered jury, I have followed the media's coverage of the iPad). It's also a good chance to test the much vaunted user-friendliness of the device, given that I'm probably 'tone-deaf' when it comes to the user interface cues that Apple has adopted for the iOS 3.2.1 that's installed on the iPad. After all, if a product is really easy to use, anyone can pick it up with little trouble, right? 

Of course, how a person would take to the iPad will depend on his or her prior experience with gadgets. So before I embark on my actual use of the device (to be covered in these blogs over the course of the week), here's a short summary: 

  • I have used Windows/DOS most of my life, but I have tried Linux (various flavors) and Mac OS X.
  • I do not have any portable media players.
  • I use Winamp for music.
  • I use Media Player Classic for videos
  • I have a Nintendo DS Lite.
  • I'm mostly a PC gamer, but I also have a Wii and a PS3.
  • I'm using a Google Android smartphone.
  • I use Firefox.

That's a start. Now, I'll have to get back to Scott Pilgrim on the iPad...

Vincent Chang

Vincent Chang / Former Senior Tech Writer

Vincent has written enough about tech to know that he doesn't know enough about tech. But that's not keeping him from going jargon-heavy about processors and mobos. After all, "you can't stop the signal".