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Top 9 Ways Of Extending Your Battery Life
Published on Thursday, 3rd July, 2003

Tips & Tricks : Stretching the battery life

When on the road, one of the greatest nightmares a notebook user can ever face is when his or her notebook goes dead in the middle of an important discussion/meeting. So with that in mind, this Top 9 Ways of Extending Your Battery Life (we figured 9 sounds better then 10) article is catered to teach you how to bring out the most out of your notebook battery - where that little energy saved can mean a difference when finding a power point to charge up your depleted battery.

Cycle your battery
It is always recommended to allow your batteries to go completely flat (when possible of course) before recharging them. If you are going to use your laptop for extended periods of time on mains power, remove your battery altogether and store it in a discharged (not totally) state.

Screen Brightness
If the environment lighting permits, try to turn the brightness level down to as far as your eyes are comfortable. For example when onboard an overnight flight, where the cabin is dimmed, it is possible to turn down your notebook's brightness up to the 25% level without straining your eyes.

Remove or Turn-Off Components not in used
Always remember to turn off components when not in used. If you have a PCMCIA card installed, remove it unless necessary. Also, keep in mind to disable your WLAN antennae unless you're in a HotSpot or an area with wireless networking connectivity. The Centrino Mobile Technology is smart enough to not scan for radio signals continuously if it doesn't detect one in the first place. But it'll take a human touch to turn it off completely.

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