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Modding the Barton XP to a Barton MP
By CPU-zilla
Category : CPU
Published by Jimmy Tang on Monday, 12th May, 2003

Final Words

There you have it, the Barton XP can indeed be modded to run in a dual processor board. As we've mentioned, it's only possible with certain motherboards and BIOS revisions. Since we did not have the luxury to test every single AMD 760MPX motherboards for compatibility, we can only verify at this point of time that the MSI K7D Master is possibly the only verified candidate for this modding.

WCPUID managed to recognize the processors as Athlon MP (Model A), but failed to get a proper name string for it.

A few things that you should take note when modding the Barton XP CPUs :-

  • Make sure both CPUs are of the same stepping and batch.

  • Clean the bridge contacts with an organic solvent before modding.

  • Verify if your board is able to accept modded CPUs before you purchase a pair of Bartons. Note that AMD Duron "Morgan" processors are MP-capable, so if you can get yourself a pair of these processors, it would greatly help in the modding process. Check our first modding article for details in setting up a Duron MP system (see Relevant Links below).

  • If you want to manage your processor's multipliers through BIOS, you should get a board with multiplier settings enabled in the motherboard's BIOS. Not all boards have this function.

  • A board with basic core voltage adjustments will be advantageous in getting the Bartons to run at higher speeds.

  • When running in SMP mode, processors tend to heat up faster. Thus, ensure you have powerful coolers installed.

  • Modding will instantly void the warranty of your processor as there are physical modifications made to the product. Do this at your own risk.

    The MSI K7D Master-L motherboard was used to get this mod working.

    Well, that's all there is to modding the Barton XP core to an MP-capable processor. Whether it's a Morgan, Palomino, Thoroughbred or Barton, there's no reason why you cannot mod them to operate in dual processor mode. However, do note that AMD maintains that this method will not give you the reliability offered by true Athlon MP processors. Therefore, users should be reminded that this is mainly for enthusiasts seeking an affordable dual processor setup and not meant to be used for mission critical systems. Users should be responsible for any damages and losses of critical data or systems arising from this modification.

    Good luck and have fun modding!
  • Testbed Configuration
    Processor AMD Athlon XP 2800+ 512KB L2
    Mainboard MSI K7D Master-L
    Memory 2 x 256MB DDR266 Kinston
    Graphics Card MSI GeForce4 Ti 4200 128MB
    Harddisk Excelstor Europa.60GB
    Operating System Windows XP Professional SP1

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