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AGP 4X vs. AGP 8X Pt. III
By Vijay Anand
Category : Graphics
Published by Jimmy Tang on Friday, 10th January, 2003

Third Time a Charm?

Welcome to the third part of our AGP 4x vs AGP 8x articles. In the previous two parts, we had highlighted the differences between AGP 4x and AGP 8x, the graphics chipsets and platforms supporting AGP 8x and conducted head-on performance shoot-outs between the two interfaces using the reference SiS Xabre 400 in the first part and a reference NVIDIA GeForce4 Ti 4200-8x (NV28) graphics card on the second part. The outcome thus far has not really been worthy enough to highlight the new AGP 8x, because of the extremely minimal performance increment.

In this third segment of our on going series of AGP 4x vs APG 8x testing, we bring you results based on a RADEON 9700 Pro graphics card. The RADEON 9700 Pro VPU is the fastest graphics chipset at the time of publishing this article. By utilizing an extremely speedy graphics card, we hope that the AGP 8x interface will bring about a better advantage than in our previous tests conducted with mainstream AGP 8x graphics cards.

For readers who have not initiated themselves with the AGP-8x interface details and our testing of two other AGP-8x based graphics cards, we encourage you to read these two articles first:

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