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Modding the Athlon XP into an MP
By CPU-zilla
Category : CPU
Published by Jimmy Tang on Friday, 15th March, 2002

The Modding

Modifying the CPU to run in a dual configuration is much simpler than unlocking the multipliers. Just use conductive paint to connect the two pads together. No lacquer, or glue, or epoxy needed to cover up the hole. It doesn't matter if it shorts the underlying metal. However, do note that connecting these pads together does not automatically modify the CPU into an Athlon MP. It stays as an Athlon XP.

Just use conductive paint to join the two contacts to bridge them together again.

Once modded, your motherboard should be able to detect and use both CPUs in an MP configuration. Note that this applies to new AMD Athlon XP CPUs based on the Palomino core.

Another thing to note, if later batches of Duron had the bridge disconnected, simply use the same method to connect the pads together. However, it must be based on the latest Morgan core.

Our modded Athlon XP posted as a dual Athlon MP 2000+ processor.


Now, there you have it. If you want to go cheap and try running an Athlon XP in dual CPU configuration, this is something that you could try. However, we cannot guarantee if it would run stable as some users reported problems with dual XP systems. Still, it is worth a try here. Also, we tried it on the K7D Master, and not other boards. We are not claiming that it'll work on other boards, so do take note. However, we are confident that it should work without problems - no harm trying, really.

Let us know your successes with this method, and which board works. Would be good to hear from other users around the world. Click on the "discussion" link below to talk back.

Disclaimer : Note that you do this all at your own risk and you hold yourself responsible for any damages done to your system.

Good luck dudes!

Latest Update!

Did it work or was it just a story we cooked up for fun? Well, let's just say we have some very interesting results. Check out the latest article here.

Testbed Configuration
Processor AMD Athlon XP 2000+
Mainboard MSI K7D-Master
Memory 1 x 128MB DDR266 TwinMOS
Graphics Card Creative GeForce DDR 32MB

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