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Sitex 2005
By Daniel Lim
Category : Events
Published by Vijay Anand on Thursday, 24th November, 2005

Logitech and Sennheiser

Logitech diNovo Cordless Desktop was spotted at Sitex for S$199. This keyboard and mouse combo comes with an updated mini USB receiver making it all the more easier to just plug in and use.

The big brother of Logitech's premier diNovo desktop sets, the Bluetooth diNovo Media Desktop 2.0 also makes an appearance at Sitex. If you've got the money to splurge and looking for the daddy of chic wireless desktop combos, this will probably be it. However, S$399 may just be too overwhelming for a keyboard and mouse set, even discounted.

An entire range of Logitech mice for the whole family. You get to choose from standard corded optical for S$20 to a cordless optical for $35 and a miniature cordless optical designed for notebooks going for $45. Logitech mice come with a 3 year warranty, except for the cordless optical for notebook, which boasts a 5 year warranty.

No point chatting with yourself, Logitech is offering an S$88 combo deal for two Quickcam Chat webcams. The Quickcam Chat is an entry level webcam with a 352x288 VGA sensor and comes bundled with a headset with microphone.

This about sums up Sennheiser's presence at this year's Sitex roadshow. Instead of an entire range of headset products, it seems that you'll only see the line-up from Sennheiser Communications, which focuses mainly on headsets aimed at telecommunications, office and gaming.

The PC110 and PC120 are single ear headsets mainly aimed for notebook users for simple on-the-go Internet voice telephony. Since they're only mono headsets, they aren't recommended if you're looking for a gaming headphone. The PC110 and PC120 go for S$35 and S$55 respectively at Sitex.

The PC130 is an excellent mainstream stereo headset from Sennheiser with a noise canceling microphone and embedded vioce recognition. These babies go for S$79.90 and if you are looking for more powerful solutions, you can also find the PC140 and PC150 at Sitex as well. They go for S$99.90 and S$139.90 each. All three headsets also come with a free gift of a pair of Sennheiser's MX400 earphones. Talk about a great deal.

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