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HardwareZone Christmas Affair 2004
By Justin Ong
Category : Events
Published by Jimmy Tang on Tuesday, 21st December, 2004

Saturday, ABIT Overclocking Competition (Part I)

Falling on a Saturday, the weekend ambience in Sim Lim Square sizzled to a hot start with nine contestants battling it out in the ABIT overclocking competition.

The Contestants

The contestants involved in the overclocking competition were lined up on the stage for a quick self-introduction and rundown on the type of cooling they are going to employ to push their processor to its thermal limits.

The Systems

Mr Asyhadi Minata, our only foreign contestant from Batam, Indonesia, was one of two contestants competing in the open category. According to him, the entire water-cooling rig costs him less than S$100 to put together. One of the reasons behind the low cost is the fact that Mr Asyhadi Minata machined the water-cooling block himself.

A different angle of the towering PVC pipe. You'll not find this powering a typical home computer.

The only component that was a recipient of water-cooling in Mr Asyhadi Minata's water-cooling setup was the processor. Other components were still conventionally cooled by air.

One of the youngest contestants, Stratix, decided to go by the way of 'size' by using a humongous car radiator-cooling fan. Being a modding enthusiast, the big fan was not spared and was given a voltage-mod for additional speed and power.

The idea behind Stratix's cooling system is simple; funnel as much cool air as possible to the high RPM fan attached to the heatsink and hope the whole setup works as impressively as it is aggressive in appearance. Kudos to the lad for this clean design.

Technoghost was the only contestant in the competition with an air-cooling solution built within a computer casing.

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