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Ultrabooks - All You Need To Know About Them + Buying Tips


Ultrabooks are the new breed of notebooks clamoring for attention among the other notebook types. Before the salesman at the store front catches you off-guard, we show you the basics of what you need to know about them and the design considerations to choose the ideal one.

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Hi zeogravity, MacBook Air can also loosely be classified as an Ultrabook, but Apple isn't likely to market it as such. Their own branding is strong and clear enough.

The "Ultrabook" is Intel's marketing term for notebooks made by various brands (other than Apple) to encapsulate all their positive traits (thin, light, portable, long battery life and good performance) into one term that can be easily identified by consumers. For Apple, the mere mention of "Air" would do the equivalent.

not an apple fanboy but macbook air???

Nice to see them all lined up at 0:55. It would have been great if it were a photo