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Sitex 2011 - Top Deals of the Show


It's the year-end season of giving, shopping and pampering. Sitex 2011 is just the right occasion to prepare for this joyous season and for the new year ahead. We round up some of the top picks from the show floor to suit a variety of budgets for your consideration. Happy shopping!

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@ bxang1986 - At this point of time, all Core i7 machines in retail are still using the Sandy Bridge CPU (using the 6x-series Intel chipset variety), not the Sandy Bridge-E that was just launched on the Intel X79 chipset. Sorry for the confusion; we'll detail the specs better in the future.

@ Lil_d3viLz - If you compared it against the previous show's promotion, the price and configuration is far better this round. Plus, there are no other ready-made machines with its features and specs. And you can't compare this with DIY-class machines, which are usually a lot cheaper and offer a different level of support and build.

It didn't even tells which Motherboard Dell's Alien-ware is using to run the i7 cpu.

Lol? alienware i7 and gtx580 needs 2899 and its still value for money?
doesnt seem like super gd deal. but just helping with promotion advertisement.